Longwood Gardens/Pennsylvania 2001

Our trip to Pennsylvania at the end of August was a short but enjoyable one. We stayed at the Comfort Inn which was right next to the King of Prussia mall (the 2 nd biggest mall in the US , it is HUGE for anyone who hasn’t heard of it), in , you guessed it, King of Prussia . During our stay, we frequented the mall (which has a rock climbing wall inside of it!), ate at the Blue Moon Café (they have an excellent sundried tomato ravioli. I went there over 2 years ago and I’m still drooling over it!), and cuddled and watched FarScape. The best part of our trip was going to see Longwood Gardens in Kennet Sqaure. Kris had told me it was one of his favorite places to visit, and when he took me there, I could see why. Anyone who adores flowers and pristine gardens would think they had died on the way to Longwood and emerged in some sort of heaven. There were gardens of every sort and more than you could imagine, from Chinese Bonsai gardens to water gardens to enormous fields of lilies. It was like walking in a giant maze of green growth, and taking in the scent of just being alive. The water lilies were in bloom at the time of our visit, which was kind of symbolic-I know this sounds cheesy– but it was at the time when our relationship, still new, was really beginning to bloom. I can’t really describe Longwood properly. You really DO just have to be there. Even just thinking about it right now makes me desperate to smell a flower!