MorningWood, Lashes, Rock Kills Kid, Big City Rock

writeup by kathy
June 24, 2006, Pearl Street, MA

Chris and I have some exciting concerts planned this summer, for some reason we decided we wanted to “live it up” a little. We went and saw Morningwood at Pearl Street a few weeks back and it was a killer concert! Chantal (lead singer) had so much energy and was just insane! She was very naughty but in a fun way. She brought a whole bunch of props on stage, which included:
a beach towel with a horse on it
a red cape (James Brown style)
a sailor hat and moustache (which she would interchange to put on the drummer, the bassist and the guitarist throughout the night)
a hobbyhorse
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Fiona Apple, Damien Rice, David Garza

writeup by kathy
June 21, 2006, Boston Pavillion, MA

This weekend Chris and I had the pleasure of going to Boston to see Fiona Apple perform at the Bank of America Pavilion.
There were only 2 bad things about the night:

It rained like hell during part of the concert and the opening singer (David Garza) only played 1/2 a song before he got whisked off stage and they had to delay the rest of the concert until the lightning stopped.

We were procrasinators who got tickets at the last minute, so we ended up WAY back in the nosebleed section where we were uncovered by the pavillion tarp–so you guessed it–we were stuck in the rain.
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Camping in Maine 2006

writeup by kathy
June 2006,Ogunquit, Maine

Gray clouds on Sunday morning told us that our 2006 trip to Pinderosa in Ogunqit, Maine was off to an iffy start. The sun began to shine later on in the day as we drove along and we kept our fingers crossed. When we arrived at the campsite we were shocked to discover that we were the only tent in the entire 100 + camping area! Apparently the supposed imminent bad weather ahead and the fact that kids weren’t out of school yet left us loners.
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