BODIES in Hartford

This past Sunday Chris and I got a chance to see the BODIES exhibit in Hartford with his cousin Jeana, who is studying to be a mortician. It was extremely fascinating but not for the faint of heart ( I think I saw Chris turn green a couple of times). It is incredible how they were able to preserve and display the human body as such. Would’ve been very helpful for an anatomy and physiology class!
It made you see just how intricate and delicate the human body is.

In other news, Midnight the cat is doing slightly better but is NOT happy with us for all the meds we have to give him. He has been eating a bit more, and complaining a lot about his plight. Several cat bills later (!!!!), our baby is back, so we’re happy.

Poppin’ Providence

Saturday, January 26, 2007

After a day of having needles poked in me and putting large furniture objects on the car only to be dropped off at my parents house and reloaded later, we headed to Providence.

I had bought tickets to see The Birthday Massacre a few months ago after seeing their CD in hot topic and listening to some of their tunes. They looked good and the other two bands looked decent. Mostly we figured for the $10 tickets how can you really go wrong.

Armed with our Tom-Tom we set out to find the venue in Providence, the living room. We found it no problem, and it looked kinda run down but hell it was close to my parents place. Unfortunatly it was cold as hell, so we ended up at this very tall indoor mall less than a miles from the venue. We walked around enjoying not slipping on ice and such and just hung out, enjoyed each other company, had some Indian food, some lattes and such

Figuring we weren’t sure about the first band we got there just when the show started. I was glad we did, the first band Creature Feature was amazin. They didn’t take them self too seriously and the lead singer even went to order a drink at the end of one song. You would be surprised how many bands have an attitude even if they are openers (rock kill kid comes to mind). Their songs where real good, all relating to their love of monster movie, real good stuff. We got to talk to the band after their set and the keyboardist was very nice. Another good sign they sold out of all their albums on the tour. Later at home we downloaded their album, DRM free from Amazon. Of the three band Creature Feature impressed us most.

Next up was Schoolyard Heroes which where good. Their CD sounded good but their live show is not as great. The lead singer tries a little too much to be like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She tried and maybe eventually she will get her own style.

Eventually the main band, The Birthday Massacre, came on. They are really really good live. The lead singer makes very cute adorable faces and even poses for candid photos from the crowd when singing, a very nice gesture. They played some new stuff like Red Star and a lot of their older stuff. They where really good live and where a hell of a lot of fun. They came back for a short encore and really hit all the good songs and performed well. One lead guitarist looked like a young marlyn manson and had some killer stage presence. At one point SchoolYardHeroes can on stage so there was a boatful of guitarists on stage, a nice site.

We headed home content in the bliss of enjoying a fistful of good indy music.

Yes we are alive

Haven’t had an update in a while, been kinda crazy of late with going here and there. Our cat midnight wasn’t felling well, we boarded him this entire weekend so they could check him out and run some test. The poor guy is friendly just isn’t really eating after his dental visit a week ago when they took out two teeth. So we have been bringing him here or there, hopefully they will give him some good drugs today while he is there.
Here is a little update, more to come tomorrow.

Friday January 25, 2007

Went down to CT on a muti-purpose trip. Had some more work done ink wise on my leg, don’t even want to try to figure out how many more hours of having a needle poked in me it was going to be. Tracey did a great job as usual and finished up some parts that where outlined months ago. Her and the owner Jim where very amusing and are always fun to be around when they are on a roll. A good distraction from the constant needle pokes.

Leg Sleeve Phase 3

We then stopped by IKEA, to pick up our new bed. We have been wanting to get a new bed with a higher floor clearance for a while. Our current bed is only a few inches off the floor which stink. Having a limited amount of space, we couldn’t afford to give up all that space. Picking it up was easy, securing it to the roof rack was amusing. Luckily a huge amount of rope and some bungee cords later it was all set to be brought back to vermont.

Spooky Salem

Chris and I spent a wonderful Saturday at the Salem Inn. It was a blustery cold day and that added to the mystery and magic of the old stone house inn, with its winding stairs and creaky floors. We stayed in the honeymoon suite which was surprisingly decent priced. (One may argue that this is because the place is haunted?)
It was lovely, with a double sided fireplace that you could light, and a jacuzzi tub. you could sit in the tub and open the sliding doors from the bathroom so you could watch the fireplace. All the decor was in the old colonial style.
We ate dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant called Passage to India, which was pretty good. Although the witch theme is a bit overused in Salem, there were some cool little magick shops strewn about, and some very interesting and eccentric shop owners. Our particular favorite is the Broom Closet, they had fantastic herbs and incense and some pretty cool-looking wool cloaks.
Much to Chris’ delight we found a huge comic book store with all kinds of graphic novels, comic memorabilia and manga. It was like heaven!
We ourselves didn’t experience anything too paranormal (unless you count people being nice as a paranormal thing nowadays). But several other guests reported strange events. The owners of the inn claim that many people have witnessed strange happenings in rooms 17 and 18. (We stayed in room 76). The guest book was full of reports of strange sounds, sensations and apparitions. Spoooookkyyy…
The wind howled all night long and the floors creaked; the radiator hissed and the fireplace cast an eery glow across the ceiling. Needless to say it wasn’t a very restful night…but it was all in good fun. Around 3 am both Chris and I awoke to a startling loud crash, but fell asleep again not long after. It could’ve been any number of things! But thankfully the ghosts decided to have mercy on us and leave us alone.
We walked around Salem a little more on Sunday and found a pleasant cafe called Gulu-Gulu cafe (not sure where they got the name). They had some yummy vegetarian paninis. Our last stop in Salem was at Ye Old Pepper Companie, which claims to be the oldest candy store in New England. We bought some chocolates, anise candies and peppermint gibraltars (their specialty, I am told).
It was far too cold for walking around Salem for too long, but we were planning on a concert in Boston on our way home. We were pleased to know that there was an Imax theater halfway between Salem and Boston, and we thought what better way to kill a few hours and be away from the cold? We got to see I am Legend, and it was pretty sweet (and scary!) In Imax. Will Smith did an amazing performance.

Next stop…Boston! After we had planned our Salem excursion, Chris discovered that Blonde Redhead was performing in Boston that same weekend. We thought we’d live a little and stop by to see them on our way home. They were playing at the Paradise Rock Club, which turned out to be a decent venue. Opening for them was the School of Seven Bells, which turned out to be a very unique mix of trance, club rock and Indian music. The lead singer held maraccas (sp?), bells and a tambourine in one hand, and shook the night away! Good stuff.

Blonde Redhead played a quick set but a good one. Their performance was not as spellbinding as Osheaga, but then again they were not outside in the fresh air, they were in a stuffy little club. They played “23′, “The Dress”, “Equus” and all the other hits and even came back for a 4-song encore. The band was extremely shy and said only one sentence the entire set. The lead singer appeared quite shy and spoke in very broken English, so that may have been why interactions were so few. But everyone was captivated by their coolness, even if it was for a short time.

Well, getting home at 3 am was painful (thank you to Chris, who drove the whole way home and let his wifey sleep cause she had work the next day and he didn’t!), but I’d do it all over again. It was a great birthday gift to be able to spend some quality time with the hubby in some magical places.

House Market

Well I have been following the housing market, via my RSS feeds. Sad to watch so much bad news. To top it off I saw the list today of company losses. I still cannot stand people who have been saying companies losing billions will have no effect on anything. Sad to say they have been dead wrong.


update on 01/17/2007 from BBC



Merrill Lynch: $22.1bn

Citigroup: $18bn

UBS: $13.5bn

Morgan Stanley $9.4bn

HSBC: $3.4bn

Bear Stearns: $3.2bn

Deutsche Bank: $3.2bn

Bank of America: $3bn

Barclays: $2.6bn

Royal Bank of Scotland: $2.6bn

Freddie Mac: $2bn

JP Morgan Chase: $1.3bn

Credit Suisse: $1bn

Wachovia: $1.1bn

IKB: $2.6bn

Paribas: $439m

Source: Company reports

Go see JUNO

Go see the movie JUNO.

We had seen the reviews and decided to see it this past Friday when it opened at the latchis. I am gld we did. It has been getting great reviews and in our opinion it has earned very one of them. The movie is amazing, the main character endeering and the cast is deep. Juno has a sharp wit about her which makes it even a better character.  This one will be one of those movies that is on our top list of movies for the year.

the classic bunny suit movie

A classic movie we just saw the other night was Donnie Darko and I have to say it was very good. The movie is hard to describe but was very good. It centers around a young teenager, his sleepwalking, antics and a 6th tall rabbit suited guy. It is a movie you definitly have to watch more than once in order to fully get it. We plan on watching it again real soon.