Dar Williams, August 20, 2006, Lowell, MA

Dar Williams, write up by kathy
August 20, 2006, Lowell, MA
This past weekend Chris and I trekked up to Lowell, MA to see Dar Williams at their outdoor Summer Music Series. It was a gorgeous day, and tickets were cheap, so we thought…why the heck not??

Lowell MA is an artsy mill town. It being such, there were quite a few frighteningly barren areas of empty storefronts (the dead mill town part)–and then quite a few beautiful, artsy areas (the artsy part). We passed a Jack Kerouac monument (apparently he briefly stayed in Lowell?)-and tried to take pictures, only to find out that the battery to our digital camera wasn’t properly charged (phooey!). There are several art museums in Lowell, the most intriguing of which was a revolving art museum! If we had more time we would have gone in.
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Throwing Muses, 50ft Wave, Bullseye

writeup by kathy
August 11, 2006, Mideast Club Boston , MA

Mick Jagger and Muc01ha
This past weekend Chris a0nd I saw Throwing Muses live in Boston.
They perfomed at a small club in Cambridge called the Middle East—actually it wasn’t really small, it was 4 small restaruants/bars put together and one downstairs club. But the club itself had room for slightly under 600 people–so all in all I guess you could say it was a relatively “small” concert.
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