Let the start of Money Making Monday begin

In our casa we are trying to start the year off well. As the weeks go by, can we can stick to the 1 in 1 out rule that has worked really well the last six months? Happy to report the kids even got into it, and gladly donated, gave away, etc something when they received a new toy, book etc the last 6 months. Exceptions where made but overall very proud of my kids, and it sure did cut down on the clutter.

Trying a new thing we are calling ” Money Making Monday “, which is not really about Monday but more about applying it every week. Weekly we are going to sell/give something on the local Facebook tag sale site that has been in our house but not used. We had great success on FB tag sale the last year both in sales and free giveaways (who doesn’t like free) getting rid of stuff. Amazing how so many items “age out” with the kids or items you used all the time, have a layer of dust on them.

So here is to a new year filled with 1in1out, and Money Making Monday.

btw, this post is mostly so I don’t have to look at a 2 year old post when I stumble upon our blog.


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