House Camping

I think this describes our current situation- HOUSE CAMPING -, we are camping in our own house which is an adventure in itself. It may be teaching us some great agility feats as we weave in and out of all the various objects lying all around our floor. There is the bed frame pieces scattered across the floor, the box springs in the hallway, the compressor, floor nailer, stacks of wood…..need I say more.

It will be good to finish this flooring up again and pack up our current camping situation and start living in our home again.

Still in flooring land…

But I thought I’d mention that we saw the most beautiful rainbow on the way home from Home Depot (our 2nd visit of the day). I’m so grateful for this rare, beautiful fall weather and I can’t help but feel a sappy sort of hope when I see something like that.
I wish I had a secret agent camera I could whip out for spontaneous photo events like these.

Happy Fall everyone!

A weekend of fun and debauchery

Just a quick update to let you know we are not dead! We are still knee deep in flooring (2 rooms fully done now, one more to go!), but we took some time out this weekend to go to Connecticut for more tattooing and to attend the Renaissance Festival in Hebron, CT.

Chris got more work done on his Nightmare before Christmas leg sleeve and has the scars to prove it. I got a few little sailor sparrows–pics will come after we are done whining about the itchiness and soreness (and yes, that’s from the TATTOOS, not any other sort of debauchery–get yer minds out the gutter!).

This was the second time we’ve attended the Ren Faire in CT and it seems to be getting better. Though it was dreadfully cold and windy, we availed ourselves of some great shows. We saw some jousting, archery, and pirate brawls, along with some hilarious (and naughty!) shows. Some of which included a duet of “singing executioners” called Smee and Blogg, and a couple of dueling cassanovas called, quite adequately, The Duelists (their sword fights always seemed to get centered around sexual innuendo). The naughtiest and most hilarious act by far was the show put on by The Pope and Cardinal in their sing-along show. It would make nuns and monks blush for sure! It was neat to see everyone in character and the costumes were great. There was a ton of stuff to do and some good medieval eats (and thankfully, some traditional stuff. We wouldn’t have been able to eat otherwise as it mostly centered around meat!).

There was plenty for kids to do as well and some great artisan stuff–some of the stuff was your usual “fair” cheapy stuff, but there was a real blacksmith making swords and such on site, and a few talented costume-makers.

All in all I’d say we hadst ourselves a right lovely time. It was a good short break from our flooring weekends. We also got to briefly visit Chris’ parents; his mom berated us for getting tattoos while making us some homemade minestrone soup. I can handle berating if soup is involved…

Hope everyone is well and warm–love to all and more updates and pics to come (we owe you some major pics!)

I can see!

I’ve been wearing contacts–well, sort of, for almost a full week now. There have been a few days when I’ve tried to put them on but have just given up! It feels so weird having your finger place something on your cornea–didn’t our mothers say never put anything close to your eye? But it feels nice to see without putting glasses on–though I keep thinking I forgot them…

But I think these contacts will sure come in handy when snorkeling in St. John…(hmmm…is that a shark or Chris?)

Meanwhile we are still knee deep in bamboo but we hope to show you the finished project soon! love you all!

Sawdust, Stacking, Sliding, Saws

So we are officially more than 1 week into the flooring project and not doing too bad. The houses is stacked up the ceilings with all manners of things here and there. We just have little space in the condo so while redoing the computer/future kids room we just stacked stuff as high as we could do in the other room. I am starting to feel more like a rat when I walk through the house. At least we are now more than 1/2 way done with the flooring project which is a very good thing. No more moving things from one end of the room to the other several times in the same day.

On the work front, it has been a crazy couple of days now almost a week. The interm director I think it just not right. She knew coming into the office we where already full of stuff to do yet is giving us more to do, crazy. To make matters worse she totally knows nothing of technology which I find odd for a marketing person. We create more traffic on the site and then get penalized for doing it? Ok makes no sense to me I am just waiting for them to hire anyone and by anyone I mean anyone.
current mood : splitting migraine.