About Us

It all began at a little hole in the wall restaurant (or basement in this case) called Fire and Water in the Begriming of January 2001. Our good friend Magdalena unknowingly introduced us to each other. We each knew Magdalin but did not know each other until that cold winters night we met. We had both come down to Northampton for “Word on Wednesday: the poetry night that they used to have every Wednesday evening. It was both one of our favorite things. Kris sat at a table behind Magdalena and was making silly faces at Kathy, making her laugh. Kathy noticed that he was looking very handsome in his business suit, but had a “hint of mischievousness” about him as he was making such silly faces, and had a South Park tie on with his suit. Kathy and Kris started talking, and that first night, they noticed that they had a surprising amount of things in common. We both liked each other but didn’t tell the other person–for fear of “rejection”. We both started coming every Wednesday night to the cafe, pretending that the only reason we were there was to hear the poetry readings, when in reality we really wanted to talk to each other!Kathy , who has never really been bold and is still quite admittedly shy, really felt such a strong attraction to Kris that she didn’t want to lose the opportunity to get to know him. So she mustered up the courage to write him a silly poem! She was super afraid to give it to him, and was sure that he already had a girlfriend or wasn’t interested. So she finally gave him the poem but said to him” it’s okay if you never want to talk to me!” The next day she freaked out and emailed him (they had been corresponding a little through email) that the letter was made up and wasn’t from her. How corny was that? Finally she came to her senses and told him the truth. He wrote back that he was flattered, and heard of a Butterfly museum in the area close by. I had been there before, so therefore, would I show him? A very sneaky way to ask out for a first date, because we were both unsure it was a real “date” or not!And the rest is History ….sigh…..
Silly Facts and Dates:
1st Date: On our first “date” Kris asked kathy for directions, little did he know that she couldn’t read a map and sent me to the wrong state!
Kris wore a wool sweater to the butterfly museum and was sweating even more than usual because he was so nervous and it was 90+ degrees in the museum.
3rd Date: Went out to asian teahouse and Kathy wore overall because she knew I loved overalls and then proceeded to try to use chop sticks and splattered half the restaurant with peanut sauce (but it really tasted good !)
Our 1st kiss happened at Kathy’s front doorway and Kris said he was sorry for kissing Kathy, (not really a smooth line!!! )
1st Time staying at Kris’s Place When it came time to go to sleep, Kathy, wearing her very cute cloud Jammies, said “I am going to sleep on the futon,k?” I said “hey silly you can sleep next to me if you want to!”.
1st Vacation On the way to Maine Kathy said we should take the “green road” on the map, whatever that is …
Proposal The Night before the proposal. Kris fell asleep early due to having way too much parrot’s bay rum.He was so scared of the coming day and asking the women of his dreams to marry him. Kathy just thought he was tired.
Kris was so freaked out that day that he kept asking Kathy “you know I love you” all day before he surprised her with a wedding proposal, then after he asked her he said “you know you don’t have to say yes” not to mention he was wearing a Pirate Hat
Silly Things 2nd Time Kris ever saw Kathy she accidentally spilt coffee all over Kris’s wool coat
Kris thought the essential alternative group Portishead was called tortoise head
When in doubt about the consistency of a rice dish, Kathy thought it was a good idea to add rice puffs to thicken the dish
You can tell if Kris has been cooking, just look to see if the counters, floor, ceiling, basically everywhere has sauce of some sort on it.
Kris’s dresser is under the stack of pants and clothes to be ironed if you are looking for it
Kathy Piles anything and everything into huge towering piles of anarchy
Don’t ever ask Kris about Motherboards, Macromedia, MHZ, Ram, Rebuilding a computer, tearing apart a computer, basically anything to do with a computer, software, or his computer Claudia unless you want him to drool for the next two hours.
Kathy has a Silly dance for every occasion, just ask and she will be glad to do one, as she says “you never know when you’ll need one”.

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