End of the Year Totals

End of the year brag post.

Used $3,599.00 worth of coupons

Received $5,821.73 worth of cash rebates, cash back promos, etc

Earned $3644.96 worth of store register rewards

Saved $3,314.19 from items on sale.

For a savings total of $16429.03, one heck of a year. The cash rewards back many times bigger than past years.

3 thoughts on “End of the Year Totals

    • I keep a Google Spreadsheet during the year. I record transactions from stores and I have columns for coupons used, rebates back, cash back (savingstar, and the links) rewards earned and used, thing like that. It doesn’t take too long since I am only recording the totals and that is on the receipts or I know what deal I was trying to go for (like $10 OYNO)
      Hopefully that makes sense.

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