A weekend in Killington

Chris and I spent a weekend in snowy Killington with his sister and four of our friends. Chris’ sister’s friend owns a nice ski cottage near Killington and was nice enough to let all of us stay there.
We spent most of the weekend bumming around and sitting by the fireplace, playing games and chilling out. It was heavenly, despite the freezing temperatures outside!
Jen’s friend had everything you could possibly need in her cabin, including a washer and drier, a huge kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a hot tub.

A couple of our friends went skiing on Saturday but I couldn’t go (for obvious reasons). I’ve actually never skied before in my life. How strange is that? One of these days, after the baby of course, I’ll have to give it a try. I’m NOT graceful so it should be interesting!

Chris got some more of his Nightmare before Christmas tattoo done on Friday before we drove up north. He’s still in a bit of discomfort but it’s looking great (pics to come!).

And in other news, I had my very first ultrasound. It was neat to see little fingers and toes–and a tail! (Hope that goes away 🙂 ).
The doctor told me I have a heart-shaped uterus, but that there is nothing to be concerned about with that. How odd though. Just means I have a lot of love to share I guess 🙂

I’ll see if I can upload the pics of the ultrasound–I’m about 10 weeks along with a due date around Oct. 30th, and the baby’s about the size of an olive right now!


Happy Easter everyone! Well this is the first time in a while that we’ve had Easter when the ground was still covered in snow. But Spring comes ever closer…as far away as it seems in cold Vermont!

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Chris and I are expecting a jellybean of our own sometime this year–October to be exact. Yay for Halloween babies, right?

Chris has affectionately dubbed my growing (not too big yet) tummy, “Boo Belly” in honor of the impending occasion. 🙂

Four days of Fun in Florida

This past week Chris and I snuck away for a semi long-weekend in our fave quick getaway spot, sunny Florida.
We spent Wednesday through Saturday there at the Best Western hotel in downtown Disney.
Although check in time was 3, our hotel wasn’t ready yet so the front desk woman told us to return in half an hour. When we did, it STILL wasn’t ready and when they called to see when it would be, the housekeeping dept. gave them a snotty response saying they had no idea when.

We returned again at 4: 15 and the room was STILL not ready. At this point we just wanted to lay down, so we asked if any other rooms were available that we could switch to? After checking 10 floors and still finding nothing, the front desk woman was nice enough to offer us one of the nicer, business suites at no extra charge–she felt bad because the room should have been ready a long time ago. That was nice of her.

Wednesday evening we grabbed some iced mocha’s downtown at Ghirardelli’s and snagged some salads at Earl of Sandwich. we saw the movie “Charlie Bartlett”, which was very good. The main character reminded us of a Ferris Bueller type guy (Bueller? anyone?).

Thursday we spent at our favorite little hideaway beach, Clementine. The weather was warm and mild, and we napped in the sun. The rain and thunderstorms were nice enough to hold off until that evening. Since the weather was too lousy to do anything else, we caught another movie, “Be Kind Rewind”. It was hilarious, we loved it.

Unfortunately when we got home that night poor Chris got food poisoning! I felt terrible seeing him so miserable.
We were hoping to go to the Magic Kingdom on our last full day, Friday, but alas no Mickey… the poor hubby was bedridden and looked like death warmed over the whole day (I’m sure he felt like it too). We did get a chance to take a couple of short walks (it was a very warm 85 and sunny) and I caught up on some reading. Poor Chris caught up on sleep…

By the time Saturday rolled around we were bummed because, as always, it went by too darn fast. I came down with a bad head cold, but I’ll take that over food poisoning!The weather was cold and windy which was depressing, but made it easier to leave. We had a turbulent flight home due to windy conditions but we made it in once peace, and by each other’s side.

I just felt lucky to spend a few quiet days in the sun, just me and Chris.

For the most part the weather cooperated…even if our bodies didn’t!

a Wii for Thii

My wife surprised me the other night by getting me a Wii. I have been wanting to get one for a while but they have been out of stock everywhere. It was going to be a present from my parents and sister but since they have been sold out we have been waiting to see if one was in stock. She had a friend of our cousin’s boyfriend reserve one and had it shipped up here. It was a nice surprise especially given the day I had at the office.

I have to say I really like the Wii, the graphics are not that great but I love the innovative controllers. My arms are still sore from all the Tennis and baseball I have been playing on the wii lately. We got a new game the other night, Super Mario Galaxies, which is fun since we can both play at once.

More to follow I am sure after my arms are rested.