Happy New Year!

This has been a wonderful year for me. I’ve had some wonderful adventures with Chris and I feel extremely blessed. I feel like I should write a deep musing about the passings and the goings-on, good and bad of the year ahead. Perhaps a few sincere resolutions. And while those are all stirring in my heart, I just can’t seem to focus enough to write about them. So, I hope you will forgive my corniness by just doing some “Top 5s” of the passing year. Maybe something more deep will come later. Chris is going to add some of his “Top 5s” too.

Top 5 Movies watched in the theater this year:

1. Lars and the Real Girl (see post)
2. Once (see post)
3. 10 mph (a great movie about life in the slow lane)
4. Grindhouse! (because who can resists zombies and a girl with a machine-gun leg?)
5. Sweeney Todd! (made me glad I’m a vegetarian! Tim Burton’s cheesy gore was magnificent; as was Mr. Depp (who can give me a bloody shave any time he wants…)

Top 5 unusual but great albums of the year:

1. Radiohead “In Rainbows” (the best album you never bought)

2. Fiery Furnaces “Widow City”-how to describe this band? Think wacky wordsmith-ery with quirky background music. It brings to mind Seargent Pepper- era Beatles and early 70’s Who, with a female lead singer. At first listen you might think it too strange, but then you won’t get the music out of your head.

3. Panda Bear “People Pitch”. When you hear Panda Bear’s voice, you will swear you are listening to the Beach Boys in a big hollow cave. Combine that with whooshy train sounds and skateboard over pavement sounds and you have an album that is haunting and just plain cool.

4. LCD Soundsystem “Sound of Silver”- I never thought “dancehall punk” would be a term, but somehow this band accomplished it and made a catchy album that could possibly start a robot apocalypse. Love it!

5. Blonde Redhead “23”. This band isn’t very unusual, unless you count the fact that it is made up of a Japanese fashion school dropout and her friends, who happen to be Italian twin brothers. This album is positively magical, with undertones reminiscent of Lush (remember how they rocked?) and a sound all their own. They are cute, and also kicked ass live at Osheaga!

Top 5 websites of the year

1. Instructables.com You can learn how to make cool things like homemade light sabers and artificial moving hands! You can also learn how to make “practical” stuff too (but how much fun is that?).

2. Etsy.com A positively awesome site full of homemade artwork, clothing, jewelry and everything you can possibly imagine, all hand made by folks like you and me. You can find unique, inexpensive goodies and you know where the money is actually going to.

3. AskANinja.com Because, believe it or not, ninjas really DO have all the answers.

4. Channel102.net The strangest, funniest web episodes you never saw until now. My particular faves include “Defenders of Stan” and “Cakey! The Cake from outer space”.

5. roadsideamerica.com If you’re planning a roadtrip, you can find the world’s cheesiest tourist attractions here, such as the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, The Grave of Pete Kibble’s foot (whoever he is?), and the site of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. C’mon, you know you wanna go!

Top 5 shows we’ve been watching from Netflix

1. Heroes (lovin it!)

2. Coupling (hilarious!)

3. Scrubs

4. House, M.D.

5. The Office

Had to add a “6” here which is actually a tie between: 6.The L Word and Psych

We’ve got plenty more to catch up on, including Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights and LOST.

Top 5 moments of the year

1. Having a new nephew!

2. renewing our vows in St. John

3. Finishing many house projects, number one of which being the bamboo flooring!

4. Seeing almost 60 bands in the past year, and having a great time at music festivals like Osheaga and the Green River fest

5. All of the little trips and long weekends I got to take with Chris during the summer, even when we went nowhere at all.

Have a great New Year everybody–2008 will be really, really great! (someone told me a year motto has to rhyme in order for good luck in the new year).

Ho Ho Hijincks

Just got back the other day from NJ to spend the holidays with Kathy’s family.  It was great seeing our new nephew, Jacob, and we got to spend a ton of time with his older brother Jeremy which was so much fun. We miss them both a lot, especially during the drive home when our road buddy Jeremy wasn’t with us.  The trip was an adventure and  am going to let Kathy post all about it in the next day or so.

On unrelated news we are totally addiced to watching Heros season 1, we love that we can watch it through Netflix streaming movies.

Happy Holidays

Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays to all our loved ones!
We’ll be spending the holidays in New Jersey to see our new nephew and help out my sister–oh, and she did finally choose a name-Jacob Watson Haynes.

2007 Concert List

Our list of Bands we have seen, as many of you know we have become addicted to going to concerts.

2007 Concert List

Osheaga Festival

  • Apostle of Hustle
  • Rahzel
  • Jamie T
  • Xavier Cafeine
  • Stars
  • Thunderheist
  • Editors
  • Feist
  • Blonde Redhead
  • Dumas
  • Damien Rice
  • Patrick Watson
  • Smashing Pumpkins

Lowell MA

  • Indigo Girls
  • Melissa Ferrick

Cape Code

  • Susan Tedeschi
  • Scrapomatic

WEQX Fest, July 2007

  • Sunset Aside
  • Maggie Mayday
  • The Loyalty
  • Lughead
  • The Urgency
  • Shiny Toy Guns
  • TV On the Radio
  • Night Watchman
  • Matisyahu

Green River Festival

  • Raini Arbo and Daisy Mayhem
  • The Kennedys
  • Erin McKewon
  • James Hunter
  • Southern Culture on the Skids
  • Neko Case
  • Buddy Guy

NY Concert in the Park

  • Ozomatli
  • Babylon Circus


  • Feist
  • Grizzly Bear

NY City

  • Bjork
  • Konono no.1


  • Kristin Hersh
  • The McCarricks

Troy Fest

  • Mink
  • Stars of Track and Field
  • They Might Be Giants

Iron Horse

  • Michael Ian Black
  • Mike Showalter

Mass Mocha

  • Ozomatli

let it snow, nothing specific just kris rambles

Snow, snow, snow……feels like for once we live in the real vermont, the one in the movies that it snows every other day. As the snowbanks top out over 15 feet I wonder what the rest of the winter has in store.

We have a new nephew, name to be determined, born this week on Monday. We are going to see him very shortly which will be great!

The house is really starting to look like a house which is great. Should make it easier if we hear the pitter patter of little feet later in the year.

We have noticed how tough it is to get rid of stuff in the condo, even if the price is close to free. Good thing for the hospice down the road, hopefully they will take more of our stuff.

I am getting a new boss which should be great! The temporary one may be a good consultant but when it comes to being a boss she really has not a clue.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Lars and the Real Girl

The premise is one you have to ask twice if you heard right. A lonely man orders a blow-up doll and treats her in his delusions as real person. Does take a bit to think about when you first start to see Lars and the real girl. The move was great! We both thought it rates right up there with ONCE, a hidden gem. The move really touches on the human spirit and the the actor who plays Lars is amazing. The movie is a real emotion jerker and the director really does bring out all the emotions that take place in a lonely desolate small town.

the so very “Golden” Compass

We went to see the golden compass this past weekend before the usual snowstorm hit. The move was very good and did not seem to drag at all. Being a fan of anything that blends sci-fi/technology/medieval is always good in my book. The movie was really good, the main character a little girl is very believable andthe acting is surprisingly good. The only bad thing is since you know it is a multi-part movie you know it is going to end at some point just like the lord of the rings and have to wait till the next one comes out.