update on little boo

Renee had her 6-week checkup at the doctor today. She is now 9 lbs 8 oz and 22 inches long! She sure fattened up. Can’t believe how fast they grow! they said she’s perfectly healthy, which is always a relief for a mom to hear. Right now the poor thing has some bad baby acne, she has the face of a 13 year-old prepubescent boy. The dr. said just to keep it clean, there is not much you can do and it should clear up in a few weeks. Hope so…

So far I’ve been surviving solo at home with her, still trying to get out with her a little every day, and succeeding most days. I do miss the hubby though, it was a special kind of happiness to have us both enjoying the baby together and watching her cute antics. It gets a bit lonely at home, especially when the weather is crappy. But I’ve managed to visit a few folks and attend the “new moms group” at the hospital, which has been nice. Just have to take it one day at a time with my little sidekick.

she’s been starting to smile more and even coo a little…in fact the girl never shuts up,with all the cooing and grunting that goes on! it’s hilarious.

hope everyone is staying well and keepin warm and avoiding s.a.d!!