Spring is here!

We saw the first daffodils poking up out of the ground on our walk around town today. The pall of gloom that was winter finally seems to have lifted!

This past Friday I had another ob-gyn appointment and Chris and I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! It took the midwife FOREVER to find it because the little guy (Now about the size of a peach I am told, so we’ve been calling it “li’l peach”) was jumping all around–sounds like a typical spawn of me :).

Nothing really makes you more aware of the life within you as the sound of that little thump-thumping…

Forgot to add about the Cliks concert that the lead singer, Lucas, is transgendered, and had a very touching story (and cool tattoo) on L.A Ink. Unfortunately it seems that due to his “lifestyle choice” he seems to be far underrated as a music artist. That is just a shame because the Cliks blew us away with their talent, and they were friendly and humble to boot. They met a 13 year old boy Danny at one of their concerts and heard he was a pretty good guitar player. Well they invited him to finish the rest of their tour with them and play on stage during a couple of their songs–they treated this kid like he was royalty, and he was on cloud 9! Not to mention he was amazing on the guitar.
Ok that’s all I wanted to add. Peace out and happy spring!

The Clicks, second times is a CHARM!

We went to see the The Clicks last night which was amazing. They canceled the first time in February due to the lead singer having voice problem which happens so we where crossing our fingers this time. Jen Tobey’s Alter-Ego opened up for The Clicks at Pearl Street and Jen and Band where really good. From their myspace page they sounded folksy, but live they where not. Their songs where good and most of the band members looked geeky (one I swear must be a computer network guy) and they where very entertaining. Usually at pearl street we don’t worry about showing up for the opener but this time I was glad we did.

Not too long after Jen Tobey’s Alter-Ego was done The Clicks came on. They are amazing live and very humble. They have risen a LOT in the last couple months and playing much bigger places and tours (true colors tour) and it was amazing to see them in such a small venue. The lead singer really puts a ton of emotion into singing which makes the songs sound so full. The band mates joked with each other on stage, did a little posing for camera, and just generally where amazing. Hate to keep using the work amazing but they really a site to see.

On a site note, last week when we where watching LA Ink we saw the lead singer getting a tattoo. Kathy was actually the one to spot it, since their was no mention to what band they belonged to. Good spot Kathy spotting Lucas .

Lucas Silveira – Vocals/Guitar
Nina Martinez – Guitar
Jen Benton – Bass
Morgan Doctor – Drums

Scary day.

I had a very scary morning at work. We were going over the day’s charts in our morning huddle when all of a sudden I felt hot and like the room was closing in on me. I started to lose vision, and the next thing I know I was on the floor with my boss standing over me and my coworkers surrounding me.
I guess I fainted.
That has NEVER happened to me before.
During this pregnancy I’ve been eating plenty and I thought drinking enough fluids and all. I did eat a good breakfast that morning and I felt perfectly fine up until that moment. Only a few seconds before I was joking around with my coworkers!
I can’t believe how nicely everyone handled my fainting-thank God they were all around when it happened.
Kim, our receptionist, saw that I was falling and she caught hold of me and placed me gently on the floor (I was wondering why I wasn’t aching all over when I came to!). Kelly, one of the assistants, grabbed my glasses for me before I fell, and Brooke, the other hygienist, caught my charts as I was falling, so I didn’t spill them all over the place.
I was so embarrased when I came to, but everyone was so sweet and concerned. They made me sit down and got me some gatorade. Janet, my boss told me she’d reschedule the days patients and she just wanted me to rest at home.
Kim joked, “You’re not pregnant, are you??”
It wasn’t the way I expected to tell them, but I felt now was as good a time as ever. I was afraid of how the news would be received, but everyone was happy and understanding! I told my boss I still was hoping to work for her after my pregnancy leave, and she was fine with it.

They had me rest at work for a while and then told me to call my ob-gyn when I went home. They called later to check up on me and make sure I was OK.
Later on in the afternoon, they even sent me a bouquet of daffodils and a card! I felt so touched that they were so good to me.

My ob-gyn said that I should just rest today and get plenty of fluids and food. She said sometimes that happens (I know Leah talked about a similar scary event!).
I am just hoping this does NOT happen again. But thank God it didn’t happen while I was working on a patient!!