Puccini for Beginners

We went to see this movie tonight as part of the GLBT film festival going on this week in Brattleboro. A movie about a hopeless bisexual writer (who claims she’s mostly lesbian) who finds herself constantly “playing the field” and getting into trouble with her relationships. After being dumped by a serious girlfriend, she tries to go on an introspective journey in the hopes that she’ll regain her lost love. What she ends up doing is getting messed up in a seriously screwball love “quadrangle”–she falls for a guy AND a girl and is oblivious to the fact that the guy and girl are actually in a relationship with each other as well!
The character who plays the hopeless commitment-phobe in this story, “Allegra” (Elizabeth Reaser), is funny and incredibly endearing. The characters have great chemistry and the dialogue is well thought out. All in all a great movie to see, even if you’re not in a love quadrangle! (And guys, please do go with your girlfriends. Yah it might be a sappy sounding story but it does involve some girl on girl action-so c’mon and make your lady happy, huh!)
Gets 4 stars in our book. *(Oh and if you’re wondering why it’s called “Puccini for Beginners”, the main character loves opera.)