Camping in Maine 2003

writeup by kathy
June 2003,Ogunquit, Maine be back at Pinederosa (for those of you who haven’t read about our first trip there, please see Camping 01). Yet another few days of bliss, apart from email, phones, tv and the like. Again, we were blessed with beautiful weather and our campsite was nice and shady. We had a lovely little getaway. And some funny memories too! One night a skunk stole our trash and a squirrel stole the candy bars we were using to make our s’mores with!

A group of college kids rented a tent next to ours and it seemed like it was their first trip ever. They not only forgot matches and wood for a fire, but they had a heck of a time getting their tent up, and when they did, they realized the blow-up bed they brought wasn’t going to fit in! We were nice and tried to help them a little, but it sure was entertaining watching them. We had mostly nice weather when we were there, but one night it started to storm, and while we were on our way back to our tent, we saw a frantic French couple trying to get their tent up. In the best French I could muster, I tried to talk to them so we could help them, all the while translating for poor Kris, who had no idea what was going on! The wind was blowing so hard that it was nearly impossible to get up, so we had to just laugh at our attempts. When the tent was finally put up, they thanked us profusely. It feels good to be nice sometimes.

On the hottest day of the week, we decided to head to Water Country yet again. We encountered some funny people. First there was a woman who looked like Elvira at the breakfast place we ate at around the corner. We weren’t sure if she was dressing up like that on purpose or not. Then there was.dun da dun.cottage cheese leg lady with crooked teeth I’m not trying to be mean, but that woman didn’t look like she cared for herself at all. And she had a young daughter too, whom I hope she would have wanted to take better care of herself for.) There was also a group of kids from New Jersey who kept talking about their friend Courtney, except every time they said her name it sounded like “Caht-ney”. We couldn’t help but laugh.

Most mornings we aimed to go out for a good breakfast, as we knew that was going to be a vegetarian’s best bet for eating in Maine . Nancy ‘s was our definite favorite-they used really fresh berries and fruit and their coffee was great. We also enjoyed the Omlette Factory (where we happened to sit next to a couple who lived where Kris grew up!), and the Egg and I (one of the most popular places to go for breakfast, but the long wait to get in is usually worth it). Most evenings we spent walking along the beach over to the other side of town where they had ice cream (the Kathy dinner, as Kris likes to say). It was just so relaxing to walk and talk. Of course we had to make s’mores and jiffy pop at night, too! One afternoon instead of having smores we decided to try a Jamaican food stand downtown. They served a killer tofu plate, with enough food to feed an army. Next time we know to go there first so we’ll have ample leftovers for the rest of the week.

Despite our long drive home (there was a road race and the main road was closed off for a while), we had a wonderful time and a lot more memories to talk about!

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