Throwing Muses, 50ft Wave, Bullseye

writeup by kathy
August 11, 2006, Mideast Club Boston , MA

Mick Jagger and Muc01ha
This past weekend Chris a0nd I saw Throwing Muses live in Boston.
They perfomed at a small club in Cambridge called the Middle East—actually it wasn’t really small, it was 4 small restaruants/bars put together and one downstairs club. But the club itself had room for slightly under 600 people–so all in all I guess you could say it was a relatively “small” concert.

Before the concert started we went to one of the 4 restaurant/bars called “Zuzu”. It was really chic with dark red and yellow walls with long mirrors and paintings on them. There was an imitation of Our Lady of Guadelupe on one of them. It made me realize what beautiful art an image of that can be, looking at it farther away from my frightening religious perspective of old. Made me almost want to get a tattoo of it, but wonder if that would be too freaky?

There were lots of interesting people at the bar…a woman with gorgeous tattoos of ivy patterns all over her arms. I was so intrigued by them! Okay back to the concert! After having a few drinks at Zuzu (then standing up and realizing those mint mojitos were strong!!! and feeling quite dizzy) we walked to the club part of the Middle East. We were a bit dissapointed to discover that, although our tickets said the concert started at 8, the concert wasn’t going to start until 9:30, with the Throwing Muses set to perform at 11:30! We hadn’t planned on staying overnight so we knew it would be a long drive home, not to mention we might miss the last T leaving Cambridge.

We hung around for an hour and a half and then the first band, 50 foot wave, came on! 50 foot wave is the lead singer and quitarist of Throwing Muses with a new guitarist. Their sound is very similar but slightly more hard core–and, surprisingly, EXTREMELY hard core live. The lead singer screamed so loud it made us regret we didn’t bring our ear protecter thingys! But she sounded awesome. Perhaps she was losing her voice a little and had to more than make up for it with volume. It was strange to have a part of a band opening for “themselves” to say, but it was cool. They played about an hour set and they were great.

Next to perform was a band called “Bullseye” which consisted of (get this!) a group ten and eleven year olds. Their parents were friends of the Throwing Muses. It was so friggen cute to see them up there–they were psyched! They actually wrote some catchy songs, in particular “Mick Jagger’s Birthday Bash”—there was a line in it that goes ” Mick Jagger’s birthday bash/Dylan and Johnny Cash/it cost a lot of cash…”….everyone cheered them and I think they felt on top of the world that night.

Lastly was Throwing Muses. After being out of perfoming for almost 10 years (gasp! We’re old!!!), they put on a pretty kickass perfomance. The lead singer sounded a bit more hoarse than usual (perhaps it’s old age) but she still rocked out and sounded amazing. They flew threw songs and didn’t say much to the audience, which I found a little odd, but wonder if they were under a time limit.

We had a great time and got to hear most of the songs we wanted to, including Chris’ favorite, “Shark”, but decided to leave a couple of songs early because it got VERY hot and loud in the club, and we knew we would miss the T if we stayed to the end.

Although we got home around 3:30 in the morning and were exhausted the next day, it was well worth staying up all night for!

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