Detroit Cobras in Boston

write up by kathy
November 28, 2006, Boston, MA

Detroit Cobras 2006
Last weekend Chris and I headed to Boston to catch the Detroit Cobra’s at TT the Bears.
We ended up staying overnight at the Boston Park Plaza hotel because the concert didn’t start until 11:45!
We had a fun time ambling around Bean-town for the day and picked up a couple of ornament at Crate & Barrel for our tree (a tradition when we go to Boston around the holidays–as well as eating gelato 🙂 ). Downtown was decorated cheerfully and the weather was balmy.

Before we went to TT’s we had dinner and drinks at the Middle East around 11 pm. Even that late, it was crazy busy in there and we waited a long time to eat, finally finishing just before the concert started (Thank goodness those 2 clubs in Cambridge are directly next to one another!).

TT the Bear’s is an INCREDIBLY small club, about the size of a 3 car garage–it was a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare.
The Detroit Cobras played a good set, but it was VERY short (a little over 30 minutes), and they seemed tired and ready to go home (this was the final night of their tour and you could tell they were just DONE). On top of that, there were a bunch of crazy drunk people there and a couple of them at the front of the stage kept yelling obscene things to them. They were getting sick of it and I think that’s why they cut the gig short.

They DID sing “Cha Cha Twist” and most of their hits. They are working on a new album and sang a song from it which I am pretty sure was about baked beans :).

Overall it was a good time and we’ll hope to see them again someday-this time at the beginning rather than the end of a tour.

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