Jim Gaffigan

writeup by kathy’s
February 10, 2006

Friday night we went to the comedy club in Boston to see a favorite comedian of ours-Jim Gaffigan. For those of you who haven’t been there, the comedy club is located on the 2nd floor of Fanieul Hall. It was a relatively small club with plenty of tables, and Chris and I were lucky enough to be pretty close to the stage! They had a “2 item” minimum on the menu and we ordered martinis, which I have to say were kind of a dissapointment-small and not very good, but I guess what do you expect? They’re selling laughter not lavishness!

The show started pretty much on time with a first act from a hilarious comedian-his first name was Mike but neither of us remember his last name! He was a local comedian and a club “regular”. Here are some highlights from his skit:

(Two people in the audience started talking to him at the same time). “Yup, there you go, keep talking at the same time, that’s totally cool, I can understand you both at the same time, whatever. Hey, why don’t you try going to order something at McDonald’s and yelling your order at the same time somebody else is ordering? I’m sure they would totally hear you just fine!”

“My favorite game show is “Supermarket Sweep”. I love to watch fat, old ladies with lots of time on their hands salivate over grocery items while trying to beat the clock! You’ll hear the announcer and he’ll be like “Look at Betty in Isle 6! She knows how expensive those Virginia Hams can be!”. If I were on that show, the announcer would be like, “Hey, look at Mike in isle 10! He knows how expensive those oxycontins can be!!”.

Jim Gaffigan came on stage not soon after, with his trademark “audience” whisper–”What is this guy thinking? He’s so pale…”. His skit was an absolute riot. Here are some highlights from his skit…

I’ve been thinking about getting a stomach implant, but I’m not sure. I will be talking to a woman and she’ll be staring at me and I’ll be thinking “Helloooo! I’m up HERE! I am NOT just some piece of flab for you to ogle at! Sure I may be wearing a tube top and slathering cocoa butter onto my stomach while riding a unicycle….”

Some people can be so insensitive when it comes to food. Like some people order fish and the head of the fish is still on! It’s little eyes will be staring up at you like “Hey, you don’t mind if I watch while you eat me do you? Don’t be alarmed if a little tear rolls down, you can just tell yourself it’s butter…” (then, in his audience voice whisper “What if a fish were in the audience? He would be so offended by that joke!”) Then some people order “baby back” ribs. How sad is that? You might as well be like “Hey can you roll that out in a stroller?”. (audience whisper-”what if a baby were in the audience? He would laugh but he’d be crying on the inside”)

Overall, we had a great time and it was a good break to get out of the house and laugh and laugh. We look forward to going to the comedy club again!

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