Top Ten Reasons Why Feist Rules

This past Saturday, June 9th we went to Boston to see the singer Feist. We were happy to find out that it was gay pride day in Boston, but a little bummed that we had missed the parade and all of the festivities! However, despite me having an atrocious cold and the weather being less than favorable, we had an enjoyable day out, even though we got lost on our way to Fanueill Hall (c’mon, you know you’ve all gotten lost in Boston at least once!). Feist was playing at the Berkelee performance center at Berkelee College of Music. The venue itself was strangely situated—it was a narrow hall with tall balconies overlapping each other. Tickets sold out quickly so we ended up being in the second balcony, but we were able to see okay.
Opening for Feist was a band called Grizzly Bear, whose sound is unlike anything I’ve heard before. Picture the Beach Boys’ harmony mixed with the jam session groove of the Grateful Dead, the jangly melodies of The Innocence Mission, and the coolness of Rufus Wainwright. It was dreamy, ethereal, good stuff.
Feist came on stage with an adorable white dress at 9:00. Here are the top ten reasons why she rules, and why everyone should see her live:

  1. She and each member of her band played not 1, not 2, but 3 different instruments apiece, and would gracefully go back and forth between them, sometimes in the same song.
  2. She had infectious energy, jumping up and down and getting everyone clapping and humming a long!
  3. When an obnoxious audience member accused her of not playing a song he liked at her show in Northampton the night before, she graciously played that song.
  4. She put on a glittery arm band to play the electric guitar. And that girl can WAIL on it!
  5. She had a great sense of humor, doing bird calls in between sets and pretending to be horrified that her band was leaving as they walked off stage at the end of the show.
  6. One song involved a tap-dancing ghost. (you gotta see it to understand it!).
  7. She said she felt bad for the people all the way in the back because she stood there earlier that day and realized how far it was. So she made everyone in the back scream louder than everyone else so they could feel like “the overlords” of the rest of the audience.
  8. She played most of the songs from both albums, and added a few ones that no one has heard before, because, as she says , “sometimes people want to hear something different from what they usually hear when they come to a show”.
  9. She used a disco ball.
  10. When she came back for an encore, she did an amazing rendition of “ Sea Lion Woman” and “Let it Die”.

Feist is definitely a talented performer; our only wish was to see her at a place where it would be easier to get up and move!

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