2 Mikes and a Beer.

June 28th, Chris and I saw comedians Mike Showalter and Michael Ian Black at the Iron Horse in Northampton. They are 2 hilarious people from The State, Stella, and VH1’s I love the 80’s. It was our first time at the Iron Horse and we thought it was pretty cozy and cool. All of the tables had close proximity to the stage and they had good food and drinks. The negatives were no A.C. (and lots of sweaty college kids), only 2 stalls for the bathroom in the entire place when it gets crowded, and a leaky pipe downstairs. But all in all it was all good.
The show started a little bit late because apparently Mike Showalter forgot that the show was that night and thought it was the following night–so he rushed down in a rental car from Brooklyn NY. He was a bit out of it due to the mixup but still hilarious and adorable nonetheless. Some of his highlights included the definition of “jumpy leg syndrome”, working with Mel Gibson, and writing a letter to his loud downstairs neighbors about a “quiet” party-“I am going to have a quiet party tonight in which I will be sitting at home diligently painting ceramic figurines of 17th century French peasants”.
But Michael Ian Black stole the show. His jokes are absolutely cruel and yet so hilarious (cruelarious?). He managed to make us laugh about naughty personal ads from The Advocate, Nazis, questions about his sexual orientation, John Kerry bumper stickers and working from home scams. Best of all were his “blog poems” and we found clips of both from YouTube: Enjoy, enjoy. (See Below)
(We must add that a really funny female comedian opened up for both of them, but we can find no mention of her name on the bill or on any websites anywhere. We’ll update the blog if we find it out, but she was great too!)

Michael Ian Black “Emotions”
[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5hnpd6s-wQ%5D

Michael Ian Black “If I had a Slave”
[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLRX33ikwsw%5D

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