Inks and Needles

Yup, so we decided to be crazy and go under the knife–or needle, that is. Chris and I have been debating over what we wanted our next tattoos to be–Chris and I are huge Alphonse Mucha fans, and we both wanted to get images based on his famous advertisement “plates”. Chris chose a beautiful Ivy girl, and I chose a zodiac woman. After doing our homework for several months on a good tattoo artist, Chris and I decided upon a parlor in Ansonia, CT. There was a woman tattoo artist there who happened to be a huge Mucha fan and who had done several pieces based on his work. Her shop, Lucky Soul tattoo, got many good reviews. So we thought it would be fitting to head on down to “Lucky Soul” on the luckiest day of the year 7-7-07.. (It wasn’t too far from Chris’ parents in CT, too, so we could stay overnight and recover there).
Unfortunately after further talking with Tracey ( the tattoo artist at Lucky Soul) it was decided that the Mucha design that I wanted was far too much detail to do as a small arm piece. Chris’ design was simpler so she was able to go ahead with it. I wasn’t too upset because I had a “back up” design which was of a purple iris flower from one of Van Gogh’s paintings.
The shop was very clean and everyone there was friendly and relaxed. They really put you at ease. Tracey was extremely professional and wanted every detail to be perfect for Chris’ tattoo. She spent time beforehand scaling the artwork to size and she was extremely excited to do the design. She spent SIX hours on Chris’ arm and barely took a break because she was so focused. It was great watching her work. She did an absolutely amazing job and was very nice. Chris’ arm hurt and he was tired after sitting so long but he’s thrilled with the result!
Tracey unfortunately was running out of time to do a tattoo for me but another artist was nice enough to offer to do the iris design. Jim actually turned out to be the owner of the shop and a big Van Gogh fan. He did an excellent job and made me feel very comfortable. I was thrilled with the result and am actually glad I chose that instead of a big Mucha on my arm (though I hope to maybe do something like that elsewhere at a later date).
(The iris itself has a very special meaning to me because it was the flower that Van Gogh painted the most, and it is believed that Van Gogh suffered with a mental illness throughout his lifetime (hence the whole “cutting the ear off” thing…). The iris has become the national symbol of the Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Each time I see the flower it reminds me of my own painful past experiences and how something beautiful (like Van Gogh’s art) can come out of it. And also, how your life can blossom in ways you never thought possible–I certainly never thought I’d come this far in life. I know that probably sounds exceptionally cheesy but I really mean it to be poignant!)
I didn’t have to sit nearly as long as Chris did, and after the initial itchy/prickly feeling and annoying buzz sound, I’d have to say the tattoo experience was quite pleasant.
Chris was a trooper for sitting so long.
Pics to come soon!
We’d highly recommend Lucky Soul to anyone who wants a pleasant and thorough tattoo experience. Their prices were extremely reasonable for the amount of work involved, and they take their art seriously. They were even sweet enough to offer us a small discount because we came such a long distance, and they bought us pizza! They even offered to let us stay with one of them if we ever decide to come back and can’t find a place to stay for the night. Awwww, now that’s dedication.
Coming soon—the joys of “tattoo healing”–itchiness, swelling and aching…but it’s all worth it in the end.

Well take some photos after they are all healed but here is a glimpse
Iris Tattoo Mucha Ivy Tattoo

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