Weird, but Addictive finds of the Summer.

I love out of the ordinary stuff! Here are a few weird but awesome music finds I’ve discovered this summer–check em out!!!-Kathleen

Top 5 Bizarre Albums of the Summer

1. Klaxons- ‘Myths of the Near Future’– on their myspace page, they describe their sound as like, “when Buzz Aldrin returned from the moon and turned Muslim”. They are electronica-rock reminiscent of KLF and Orbital on acid; totally addictive stuff.

2. Gogol Bordello-‘Gypsy Punk‘. What kind of a name is Gogol Bordello? Czechoslavakian, I think. Remember the guy who played “Alex” in the film Everything is Illuminated? Well, he headlines this band and sounds exactly like his character in the movie. The title of the album is very true to form, as this really is gypsy/punk/reggae/ska. And with song titles like, “Hats of to Koplakof”, how can you go wrong?

3. Babylon Circus-we saw them live in NYC and they were insane. On the same gypsy/punk/reggae/ska vibe as above, but French! C’est formidable!

4. Erlend Oye -‘Unrest‘. What would happen if the nerdy, glasses-wearing member of the duo Kings of Convenience tried to do an electronic, solo album? And what if he collaborated with people all over the world, including a DJ from Connecticut? This album. I love that it sounds kind of like “robot music”. What can I say, I’m such a dork.

5. Too Good to be True, the Very Best of El Records-I have never before in my life heard of El Records, but I happened to find this randomly through Yahoo music and I can’t even describe the odd plethora of great music on this album. Think old movie soundtracks mixed with a little 80’s alternative? I can’t stop singing songs like “Cecil Beaton’s Scrapbook”, from the Would be Goods, or “Curry Crazy” from Bad Dream Fancy Dress.

I’m sure I’ll find more unusual goodies before the end of the summer, feel free to share any of your strange finds–maybe I should start a livejournal page dedicated to this?

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