Family Values

Well the annual Martineau-Dion-Casey family reunion went off this year with a few hitches. Unfortunately the crew from Virginia couldn’t arrive due to an injury, and several others couldn’t attend because of work or health reasons. But it was my grandparents’ 60th (60th!!!) wedding anniversary, and they had a few friends who knew them “way back when”. Theresa and the baby came, and she made an announcement that baby#2 is on the way!
My cousin John brought some great pictures from an exciting, random trip he took. He met a man at a bar in Colorado who was aiming to sail from Florida to England, and he asked John if he wanted to come along. So my cousin said, why the hell not! And, having never sailed before, he went with this guy (just the two of them) from Florida to the Azures (sp?) to England to Sweden. It took 40 days on the ocean, and he saw some pretty amazing things–beautiful sunsets, whales and dolphins passing by the boat–we were so jealous! How cool would that be? Thankfully he wound up safe and he became pretty good friends with the guy.
All in all, despite some spots of rain and the lower attendance, it was a decent day. We only took a couple of pics but we’ll put them up shortly.

In other news, I just heard tell that Southern Culture on the Skids will be playing at the Iron Horse in September! Tickets are 15$ as far as I know. They seemed like a lot of fun at the Green River fest, so anyone interested let us know if you think you might wanna go!

One thought on “Family Values

  1. It was nice seeing everyone especially cousins who are around are age. A lot of us stayed really late which was really nice. So nice to talk to your aunt lyndia too.

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