Summer Home Ownership

A few months ago we got the Condo appraised and it was suggested that we just do minor touchups. Well it is summer and with the prospect of finding a house anytime soon being as likely as me running for pope, I have done little in the way of those “touchups”. The weather is just way too nice and the weekends too short to spend them painting, scraping, or replacing items besides the fall is much better weather wise for that type of stuff.

So I have been obsessing of late with replacing the flooring on our second floor (sans the bathroom which I already did) mainly due to the carpet we have. I freely admit it was home depot special carpet we bought right after some water damage to replace the horrible stuff that was already there. At the time we needed something ASAP and with kathy in college, whoever could put it in quickest won. The carpet is starting to show it’s age and the installers did less than a good job putting it in. I could attempt to re-stretch it but risk opening some of the seams even more.

So my obsession with what type of flooring to replace the carpet with started. Looking online, all the big box stores, a couple local places, and in CT didn’t really help that much. There are a ton of choices and the ever important cost/value/comfort/environment factor. With Kathy’s allergies too, it becomes a big factor in what to get to minimize any chance of the flooring making them worse.

Well last night at 11pm or so I took the plunge and ordered some solid bamboo flooring from a place in CT, decided that I had to end the obsession. Might as well take the plunge and do the hallway, closet, and stairs and order the bedrooms next week or so. I would have loved to get Teragren which every professional found thought it was good (it is in the dental office Kathy works with too) but given that we are going to be in the condo for not much longer it made no sense (it is pricey). I am thinking of this as good practice for putting in a solid hardwood floor which I have only done once before.

So my obsession hopeful has ended for the time being, now the fun part will begin soon, ripping stuff apart.

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