Jersey girl

Just got back from a nice weekend in New Jersey visiting the sis (for her 30th birthday!) and nephew. I’m sad we could only stay for a little more than a day, time always goes by way too fast when we’re with them and I miss them so much already! Jeremy is getting so big–he is walking around (or should I say “waddling”?) and can say a few words like “Baby”, “Uh-oh”, and “Ball”. He is getting more teeth and smiles and laughs a lot, and he loves to copy what people do! If he sees someone reading, he will grab a piece of paper and start to “read” aloud too. Ahhh, cuteness! I will post some more pics up in a bit.

2 thoughts on “Jersey girl

  1. Leah says:

    awh, how cute. kids are cute.

    and.. the world wouldn’t be the same with out my
    Kathleen Jellybean either.You really are my oldest friend.
    Since diapers, sistah!

    Glad yous guys had such a nice visit.

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