the wait for inking is over

After many months of waiting, I finally started my nightmare before Christmas tattoo. Any one that knows me knows I have been a Jack and Sally fan from way back. Hell half the time I call Kathy sally and she calls me jack so how could I not get something. Needless to say the Amazing Tracey from luckysoul came though yet again. She had me worried since I only heard from her a couple times before the appointment. I guess I have to get use to some people not living for IM and emailing. She did a few drawings and sketches and one of them was AMAZING, I cannot say enough how great it was and exactly what we had talked about. So many hours later it was done and I was estatic, and when I got home the wife was totally amazed too . . . Always a good sign.

Here is the photo, my skin is still very angry at me so it looks more red than it should.

Nightmare Before Christmas JAck and Sally Leg Sleeve Tattoo part 1

On related news I saw a poster for Nightmare in 3d a few weeks ago when we where in Florida which was released last year (2006). Well it looks like they are going to re-release it to theaters sweeeet.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D (2007), 25th October 2007

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