Sawdust, Stacking, Sliding, Saws

So we are officially more than 1 week into the flooring project and not doing too bad. The houses is stacked up the ceilings with all manners of things here and there. We just have little space in the condo so while redoing the computer/future kids room we just stacked stuff as high as we could do in the other room. I am starting to feel more like a rat when I walk through the house. At least we are now more than 1/2 way done with the flooring project which is a very good thing. No more moving things from one end of the room to the other several times in the same day.

On the work front, it has been a crazy couple of days now almost a week. The interm director I think it just not right. She knew coming into the office we where already full of stuff to do yet is giving us more to do, crazy. To make matters worse she totally knows nothing of technology which I find odd for a marketing person. We create more traffic on the site and then get penalized for doing it? Ok makes no sense to me I am just waiting for them to hire anyone and by anyone I mean anyone.
current mood : splitting migraine.

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