So we are almost completely done with the whole flooring project. What a strange, long trip it’s been. The house is still in an utter disarray , but we’ve finished the actual flooring–we just need to put trim around the base molding and touch up some paint. It will be nice to have our place back again soon, and not be afraid of tripping over rogue tools or slipping on sawdust in the middle of the night. We’ve also managed to not bite each other’s heads off throughout the process. Wow!

When all the mess is cleaned up and the furniture returned to it’s rightful place (meaning we’ll no longer be sleeping on the floor or the computer and dressers won’t line the hallway), we can finally breathe again.

I can’t believe we’ll be leaving for St. John in about 2 days. It feels like it’s come up so fast and there is so much yet to be done. But I am excited. I hope the weather holds out, I hope everyone who comes has a good time, I just hope everything all works out. I want everything to be perfect all the time but I sure know that isn’t possible.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since Chris and I were first married. It’s kind of surreal to be doing it all over again. But it’s cool, and this time around some of our family will be there (minus mine, waah, but what can ya do??).

This is gonna send the sappiness police out to get me, but I do have to say that I am one lucky gal to be with Chris. He still makes me happy every day.

I wish we could afford to send everyone with us!

We owe you guys some SERIOUS photo updates also.

Hope you all are well, we’ll have plenty to update when we return!

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