RIP oh Faithful Car

Well alas my faithful black car which has been a great girl to me for the past 10 years is passing on (ok more like being traded in). I can’t really complain, I was not once stranded by the side of the road in my 10 years with her. We found out shortly after coming back from St John that the recent leaking coolant problem was more severe than originally though of. So after some thinking we decided that it was time to move on and not spend the money getting it fixed given her age.

So began the painful task of car shopping, which resembled what a root canal feels like I would imagine. So after looking online for a while we started looking at cars. At least online helped us narrow it down to some sort of small wagon type of car. We looked at the Mazda5, one word: minivan so that was nixed. Ended up really liking the Matrix and the Subaru Impreza. I always liked the Matrix, what is not to love when you just love the movie. The Impreza was really nice too, and subaru’s are just great in the snow. Of course then it came to finding the model you wanted with options, et. Good thing is the Subaru is easy when it comes to that since they really only offer 2 packages. The Matrix was another story, way too many options, thing like heavy duty heating, hell this is NE shouldn’t that be standard.

It came down to in part to what version of the car could I get and how long would it take to get it. Ended up getting the Subaru which I am due to pick up in the next day or two. It is a good thing we will have at least one reliable car but at the same time we haven’t had a car payment in years so that will be a change.

As Kathy put it so correctly, at least this is a lot less painful then car shopping

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