Start of December

The Start of December has been weird. Having to come back to the cold weather has been a shock to the system for all that went to St John with us. Kathy has not been feeling well which has limited what she can do, but hopefully she is getting better. With the weather being harsh our usual activities have been stifled. At least the old classic christmas shows are on to watch (jack frost, rudolph, etc).

As the new year starts approaching it always seems to be some great measurement in time for people, usually for us it ends us being just another day and trying to remember to use the correct year on things. This year seems to a strange time point is appearing. We have almost finished the condo which is nice, the finish line is within our view and no real big projects planed. My old computer room is now mostly the baby’s room and our place is more “kid” friendly now. The place feels more like a home and not just a house nowadays. Teresa is due to have our newest nephew in a few weeks and we are going to visit the little peapod in short time.
-rambling to be continued further in the month.

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