Ho Ho Hijincks

Just got back the other day from NJ to spend the holidays with Kathy’s family.  It was great seeing our new nephew, Jacob, and we got to spend a ton of time with his older brother Jeremy which was so much fun. We miss them both a lot, especially during the drive home when our road buddy Jeremy wasn’t with us.  The trip was an adventure and  am going to let Kathy post all about it in the next day or so.

On unrelated news we are totally addiced to watching Heros season 1, we love that we can watch it through Netflix streaming movies.

One thought on “Ho Ho Hijincks

  1. I LOOOOOVE Heroes. The first show in a long time to really smash the great Brown Out of the ninties. All kinds of characters in all kinds of situations, and even *gasp* a couple of mix race relations. Oh yeah, and the show is written by some great comic book folks. So what if it’s totally the X-Men’s answer to Smallville. It still rocks!

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