Boston, baby

So this weekend I had to go to Boston for a dental convention. I had hoped to leave Friday night because my class was super early in the morning, but the bad weather made that impossible. I had to leave Saturday morning at the god-awful time of 4:30 a.m!
I got there on time, but the class that I took was kind of a disappointment. Instead of talking about periodontal instrumentation, the instructor mostly droned on about stuff that had nothing to do with anything, like explaining what groundhog day was (who doesn’t know what it is? And who CARES!!?)
The good thing: some cute periodontal grad students from France helped teach the class! oui oui! (sorry Chris, but you’re way cuter anyway).
I DID get a lot of free goodies, like toothbrushes and such…

I met up with my sis in law for the afternoon and we grabbed lunch and hung out, we also met up with my friend Donna who came with us to St. John. She and a couple of her coworkers were there for the dental convention too.

My sister in law has the good fortune of living in one of those beautiful brownstone apartments on the impeccable Newbury Street. She had a gorgeous apartment in a lovely old building with a complete view of the back bay from her window. Seeing it lit up at night was quite a sight!

We went out to dinner with Donna and her hygienist friend DD, and then went bar hopping for a bit. We ended up at the Black Rose until the wee hours of the morning, singing along with the band some Irish drinking songs. We met a 72 year old retired teacher (totally harmless guy) who square danced the night away with us!
We ended up back at Jen’s apartment after, drinking wine and playing cards until 4 a.m.

I had a very good time but I’m still recovering from all the lack of sleep! And I missed Chris.

So the Giants won the superbowl. Maybe the Pats let them win because they didn’t want to seem size prejudice.

Does anyone know whatever happened to the Bud Bowl? It just disappeared.

(This is a very minor accomplishment, but I do have to say I’m a wee bit proud of myself for driving all the way to Boston without getting lost, and taking the T allover all by myself without getting lost either!)

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