Little things

CANCELLED this weekend:

1. Babysitting for our friends Saturday night

2. Concert (The Cliks) on Sunday in Noho. Last minute, lead singer got sick. We even drove all the way there, to find out they had just cancelled when we got to the door. Oh well, at least we got to grab a drink at the Sierra Grille before we headed home…

In a way, the cancellations were a blessing in disguise. Who really wants to go out in such crappy weather? So we got to bum around inside, sipping hot tea and watching Clean Sweep (made our house not feel like such a mess!), and 30 Rock (gotta love Alec Baldwin).

Seriously spring cannot come sooner though!!!

If you want to see some seriously bad singing coupled with a bad music video, check this out (apparently the girl in it thinks she is the next Mariah Carey):

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