Scary day.

I had a very scary morning at work. We were going over the day’s charts in our morning huddle when all of a sudden I felt hot and like the room was closing in on me. I started to lose vision, and the next thing I know I was on the floor with my boss standing over me and my coworkers surrounding me.
I guess I fainted.
That has NEVER happened to me before.
During this pregnancy I’ve been eating plenty and I thought drinking enough fluids and all. I did eat a good breakfast that morning and I felt perfectly fine up until that moment. Only a few seconds before I was joking around with my coworkers!
I can’t believe how nicely everyone handled my fainting-thank God they were all around when it happened.
Kim, our receptionist, saw that I was falling and she caught hold of me and placed me gently on the floor (I was wondering why I wasn’t aching all over when I came to!). Kelly, one of the assistants, grabbed my glasses for me before I fell, and Brooke, the other hygienist, caught my charts as I was falling, so I didn’t spill them all over the place.
I was so embarrased when I came to, but everyone was so sweet and concerned. They made me sit down and got me some gatorade. Janet, my boss told me she’d reschedule the days patients and she just wanted me to rest at home.
Kim joked, “You’re not pregnant, are you??”
It wasn’t the way I expected to tell them, but I felt now was as good a time as ever. I was afraid of how the news would be received, but everyone was happy and understanding! I told my boss I still was hoping to work for her after my pregnancy leave, and she was fine with it.

They had me rest at work for a while and then told me to call my ob-gyn when I went home. They called later to check up on me and make sure I was OK.
Later on in the afternoon, they even sent me a bouquet of daffodils and a card! I felt so touched that they were so good to me.

My ob-gyn said that I should just rest today and get plenty of fluids and food. She said sometimes that happens (I know Leah talked about a similar scary event!).
I am just hoping this does NOT happen again. But thank God it didn’t happen while I was working on a patient!!

One thought on “Scary day.

  1. Leah Pangea says:

    I can totally relate! I was in Stop and Shop and I am still a little worried about going out places but I’ve been good about having snacks and some juice or milk or something every 3 hours or so. BRING SNACKS with you! Was the scariest thing that as happened to me in a looong time. At least your job was so understanding and caring! Hopefully it doesn’t happen again!

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