Lovely Ladytron, Damn Good Datarock!

OK, so this might be the last of our late nights out in Boston to go to concerts for…well…a LOOOONGG time (like when our kid turns 18). But we thought we’d do it up right with Ladytron at Paradise Rock Club.

Opening for them was Datarock, which might just be the most genius “nerd rock” band since Devo. The group (from Bergen, Norway!) came on stage wearing matching red jogging suits and ray ban glasses.

They totally got the crowd involved, doing silly dances in unison (very Devo-esque!), and having people sing along and clap. They rocked the scene with cheesy casio keyboards and mini guitars. At one point, one even pulled out a saxophone and played it rather well. How can you not love a band who brings such cheesy fun, and who has song titles like “Molly Ringwald” and “Computer Camp Love”.
Apparently, they have been compared to DEVO so many times that even DEVO themselves remixed a song of theirs and have become fans of them!

myspace page for Datarock:

They definitely got us pumped up for LADYTRON…

At this point, the not-so-good sound qualities of Paradise Rock Club started to show. Any time there are more than a few instruments playing at a time, its as if the speakers can’t handle it and the sound becomes drowned out.

That said, although we couldn’t hear very well, Ladytron put on a very good show. They played most of their songs off the new “Velocifero” album, and a few goodies from “Witching Hour”. They created a good atmosphere with flashing strobe lights that enhanced their badass/dramatic dancehall vibe. By the time they returned for an encore with “Destroy Everything You Touch”, the crowd went nuts!

We were protected by a guardian angel bodyguard, who, after finding out I was pregnant and didn’t want to get too overheated in the big crowd, found a spot for us to sit and enjoy the rest of the show in relative peace. When the show ended, he even snuck us into a “secret” exit so I wouldn’t have to push my way through the big crowd. It was so nice of him, we kinda felt like VIPS! (very important pregnant people). We even wrote to the club to thank him.

It was a Monday night and we got home at 1:30 (relatively early compared to some of our other Boston jaunts!), well worth it. But we know we can’t pull nights like this too much longer!

This weekend we’re going to New Jersey to spend forth of July with my sister and the kids. Should be fun we hope…more later!

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