End of July already?? Wahhhh….

Last weekend we went to the annual Dion/Casey/Martineau family reunion in Turners Falls, MA. (It’s my Dad’s side of the family).
It was a pretty quiet year with not much turn out, but kind of nice that way. Theresa came up with the kids which was nice. Jeremy’s favorite word is now “No!”, but he’s still awfully cute. Jakey is getting bigger (and heavier) by the minute. Chris’ nickname for him is “S.A.P (sack a’ potatoes)”, cause that’s what he feels like when you hold him!
We got to see some relatives from Virginia and New York, and of course we got lots of congrats and tummy rubs (mine, not Chris’ 🙂 ). The weather held up so all in all it was a pleasant weekend.
We even got to see some fireworks from my Aunt’s house as their was a boating festival on the river.

In other news, our house is yet again in a shambles as we try to prepare it for the baby. Note to self: starting several projects at once in a SMALL living space plus non-compliant weather for things like painting and spackling equals chaos. But we’re doing ok and I think we’ll be in good shape once the baby comes. Chris just laid the last tile in the shower, we just have to mud around it and do some trim and then we should be good to go! the project took a lot longer than we expected due to the walls in the condo being uneven. Who knew? Oh well…

This week we are going on our last official vacation without a baby–a “babymoon” if you will. Sigh… it’s kinda bittersweet.

Hopefully it will be fun though!
We are spending a few days in Montreal for the Osheaga music festival, and then later on in the week we’ll spend a few days in New jersey with my sis and go to the All Points West music festival. Since both festivals are outdoors, we’ll pray for good weather. I’m sure we’ll have a good writeup when we get back!

In other ramblings, Chris and I are addicted to the show Dexter (thank you Netflix watch instantly!). It’s macabre but the writing is really good and you can’t help but like the guy!

Here is a really yummy, simple summer recipe that we’ve fallen in love with since peaches are in season:

cut a couple of peaches in half and de-pit them (this is challenging but it CAN be done)
grill them for about 4 minutes
then put a dollop of ricotta on them (in the part where the pit would be)
and drizzle with honey.


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