Update from Renee’s Dad

Where just about on the end of day two of renee being home. She is now about 4.5 days old and she already is looking bigger. It has been a very interesting time with renee being home and as one neighbor said when we where out on a walk today with renee “having a baby makes life different,  not good or bad just different from then on”

We are both wondering if renee will sleep as well as she did last night tonight. It was really nice, she slept for a couple hours at a time which was really nice. My bet is that she won’t sleep as well but maybe karma has something else in store. I always joke about sleep being not needed, seems that might come in handy now 🙂

We have put in a couple rules that we are making sure to do every day, take a shower, get out of the house, eat real food, etc. So far we have got out both days, gone shopping for food and yesterday actually went and got flu shots. It requires more effort, making sure you have extra outfits, burp clothes and such but is sooooo worth it.

She seems to enjoy getting out too, her eyes are looking all around but we are being careful not to have her exposed too much being so young.

Besides that life is good, we are both enjoying spending time with our new addition to our family. It has been very magical and my little boo is amazing and we all are very happy about her. Just trying to enjoy every moment we can.

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