Baby update

Renee had her 2nd week Dr’s checkup today. She gained 11 ounces so far since we brought her home from the hospital! She’s been eating like a little piggy–literally, snorting and all.
She had her first “real” tub bath last night. We thought she would hate it, but she loved it! She was wiggling her feet in the water, making grunting noises. It must’ve reminded her of the womb.

So far things have been awesome with Renee, Chris and I are enjoying every moment, poopy diapers and all. I never thought I’d enjoy being a Mommy this much, or love a little tiny person this much!

In other news, we’re very concerned about a particular friend who called us the other night in a time of crisis. She has bipolar disorder and it was very obvious she had gone off her meds and was having a manic episode. She left her family to go get help. We’re hoping right how that she’s at the Brattleboro Retreat–unfortunately there is not much we can do for her because she can’t be contacted–we can only hope and pray she’ll be getting the help and medication she needs!

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