one month already!

It’s hard to believe that our little Renee is a month old today. already she’s really grown, so much so that she no longer really fits into her “newborn” onesies and diapers. She’s even got a double chin. She was always a very alert baby, the doctors were even surprised how alert, but now she’s becoming even more so, it’s like she’s a real little person starting to interact with the world around her. She cracks us up with her constant grunting and squeaking. She loves the bath and her little fishy swing. She also loves staring at our big kitty Cosmo and the stripes on our couch (probably because they are both black and white). She loves to pump and wiggle her little legs in the air like she’s a little bicyclist, and wave her arms in the air like she’s conducting an orchestra. If, while she’s asleep , a sudden noise or movement startles her, her hands will go high into the air as if to say ” I surrender!”.
She falls asleep in the car and when you take her for walks in the baby carrier (but she hates being put into the car seat and baby carrier at first!). she does NOT like having her hands or feet tied down.

She’s generally quite good natured but can have a short temper, like if she can’t latch on right away while nursing (she tries to suck on her hands too and gets frustrated when she can’t). Usually around 7 to 8:30 p.m is her crankiness time, she just generally is a bit out of sorts.

I love holding her over my shoulder while she’s sleeping and hearing her little breath in my ear. I love everything about her, even her occasional crankiness and constant farting like an old man!!

it’s cheesy, i know, but i find myself getting a bit teary eyed and thinking “they grow up so fast”…

i’m enjoying it all while i can.

hope everyone has a lovely turkey day!!

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