First Night Away

Last weekend was the first night we spent away from renee, our little pumpkin. We had planned on some sort of adventure a while ago since it was kathy’s birthday. We did know we where going to both get tattoo’ed again but besides that where not sure what we where doing. As luck would have it my parents where ever to eager to watch renee, and this time overnight.
This could be way too long a post so I will sum it up.

  • Tattos’s went great, tracey of luck soul tattoo did a great job yet again.
  • A nice ice cream stop at ikea. Some pepe’s famous pizza for dinner.
  • Me being the designated driver for kathy when we went to John Harvards for drinks and she had a few.
  • Being able to sleep in late even though we both did not sleep well without renee’s constant noises.
  • My parents telling us they sold our child on ebay and such when kathy called.
  • Having to take the cell phone away from Kathy

All in all it was a great test run for the upcoming several days away from her. Even though we missed her, my parents had a great time with renee and she seemed to have a great time too.

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