The Rare Weekend Waltze to Walmart

It seems every once a in a long while we end up going over to Walmart. In this case there was a great Crayola Clearance deal online but you had to pick up the order in person. Many Crayola Pencils, markers where on clearance for close to half off, and you could stack it with online cash back, credit card points making the deal even sweeter. I ended up buying a couple hundred color pencils*, and had packs of markers* coming out of my oldest daughters ears. For some reason all art supplies are consumed quickly in our household.

I figured while I was there I should see about any matchups.

If you use a certain amount of coupons at most Walmarts, the manager has to double check the cashier. Its kinda a total pain especially since all but two of my coupons scanned fine. I did have a good $40+ in coupons that the manager checked. I can’t imagine if every time this happened, and Walmart seems to be the only store it happens at. Makes me very glad I rarely shop here.


Picture of some items we bought. Playtex came out with a $5 off 1 coupon, so for next to nothing we picked up some baby things to donate. Under $2 board games with a $3/1 coupon. Under $1 Organic rice via $1.50/1 coupon. Cheap all natural drink mix $1/1 and some Free Floss.

*Not pictured

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