The Rare Weekend Waltze to Walmart

It seems every once a in a long while we end up going over to Walmart. In this case there was a great Crayola Clearance deal online but you had to pick up the order in person. Many Crayola Pencils, markers where on clearance for close to half off, and you could stack it with online cash back, credit card points making the deal even sweeter. I ended up buying a couple hundred color pencils*, and had packs of markers* coming out of my oldest daughters ears. For some reason all art supplies are consumed quickly in our household.

I figured while I was there I should see about any matchups.

If you use a certain amount of coupons at most Walmarts, the manager has to double check the cashier. Its kinda a total pain especially since all but two of my coupons scanned fine. I did have a good $40+ in coupons that the manager checked. I can’t imagine if every time this happened, and Walmart seems to be the only store it happens at. Makes me very glad I rarely shop here.


Picture of some items we bought. Playtex came out with a $5 off 1 coupon, so for next to nothing we picked up some baby things to donate. Under $2 board games with a $3/1 coupon. Under $1 Organic rice via $1.50/1 coupon. Cheap all natural drink mix $1/1 and some Free Floss.

*Not pictured

Staples Gift Card Promotion

Staples Gift Card Promotion at Constant Contact

Constant Contact appears to be having a 40% off Staples gift cards. I noticed this promotion while logged into constant contact, a online toolkit many companies use for  email marketing. The deal is $30 for a $50 staples gift card. Since I go to staples all the time for their easy rebates and other deals you can stack multiple discounts.

Purchased 6 GC for $180 worth $300 at Staples for a $120 money maker.

Their confirmation email did say it would take two weeks for the GC to arrive. I am hoping this deal is as good as it seems.

See below for the terms and conditions.

Staples Gift Card Promotion

Staples Gift Card Promotion

Stop and Shop Kimberly Clark Paper Product Matchup

Scott and Kleenex Deal at Stop and Shop

Scott and Kleenex Deal at Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop has a good deal on paper products this week, stackable with a Catalina and if you haven’t used it the Kimberly Clark Mail in Rebate. Some people who have called customer service report the MIR is based on the pre-sale price while others say it is based on the after sale price. To play it safe, buy $35 of products after sale pricing.

Scott’s Toilet Paper is on sale for 5.99 and Several varieties of Kleenex are on sale for B2G1

Deal idea.

  • (4) Scott Bathroom Tissue 12 packs, several varieties are on sale for 5.99
  • (12) Kleenex Ultra Soft*  or Lotion Tissues*are on sale for B2G1
  • 39.88 pre-coupon sale price subtotal (23.96 + 15.92)
  • use (4) Kleenex .75 coupons (will double)
  • use (4) Scott’s .55 coupons (will double)
  • 29.48 post coupons
  • -$5 on your next order Kimberly Clark Catalina and -$10 mail in rebate from Kimberly Clark

You pay $14.48 for (4) 12 pack of Toilet paper and 12 big boxes of Kleenex tissues.

*These are the bigger single boxes, not the small 70 counts. Ultra was 210 count.

Kleenex Tissues Coupons

Scott 12 ct. Coupons

Mail in Rebate

Stop and Shop Freezer Deal

I am already missing the Stop and Shop freezer deal which ended on 3/19/2015. In case you missed it, if you spent $25 off of certain products you got an instant $15 off. Needless to say we went many times, and even ended up sending a parent who drives by stop and shop daily.

Stop and Shop March 2015 Freezer Deal

Stop and Shop March 2015 Freezer Deal

One of several trips that we made when we where near a stop and shop, all had pre-discount totals of $40+.

Transaction #1, 8 Kidfresh frozen meals, 2 boxes of blue bunny ice cream treats.
paid -$1.57

Transaction #2, 7 Talenti Gelato
paid $7.93I am hoping stop and shop runs this promotion again.

Talenti Gelato

Sea Salt Caramel

Sea Salt Caramel

Great deal on Talenti Gelato at stop and shop, heck you don’t need any coupons either if you don’t want to. Its amazing stuff, we buy it whenever it is on sale it is usually expensive.

Stop and shop has a spend $25 on certain frozen items and you get $15 instantly off your order.

Talenti Gelato is 3.99

Buy 7 of the Gelatos

$27.93 Subtotal
$12.93 after $15 instant savings
$8.93 after $4 from coupons link
$8.93 for 7 container of Gelato that normally cost close to $5 each.

Kimberly Clark Matchup

Coupon Haul, under $34

Coupon Haul, under $34

Less then $34 total couponing trip on Friday, March 13th  though I was missing my great helper Renee, she is in training #‎LECsavings‬

One of the best matchups was a Kimberly/Clark products deal that was running that could be used for a double dip.The products where on sale at Price Chopper, and the shelf price is typically what works on the MIR and Catalina’s.

  • Spend $25 get $5 Catalina for your next order
  • $5 back on $25 or $10 back on $35 Mail in rebate from Kimberly/Clark

1 Scotts Natural Toilet Paper 6.99 (10.50 without card) (1) .55c off of 1 which will double

1 Scotts 1000 Toilet Paper 6.99 (10.50 without card) used (1) .55c off of 1 which will double

13 Kleenox boxes 120/160 counts 1.33 ($2 without card) used (4) .75c off of 3 which will double

  • 31.97 subtotal
  • 23.77 after 8.20 in coupons*
  • 21.77 after PC Store Ecoupon for Scotts
  • 11.77 after $10 MIR
  • 6.77 after $5 Catalina for your next order

$6.77 for 2 jumbo packs of TP and 13 big boxes of tissues.

*Printable coupons, I rarely ever use newspaper insert coupons