Labor Day Weekend Trip to Boston (with surprise Bjork Concert)

August 30-September 1, 2003

Boston -the last weekend in August Chris and I went to Boston for a couple of days. We stayed at the Boston Park Plaza hotel, which was right across from the Memorial Park and close to the T and everything downtown. We had amazing weather all weekend, we were especially lucky because it had rained all week. The gardens in memorial park were gorgeous, there were several weddings going on that weekend. We even ran into a friend, Pepper, whom we hadn’t seen in over a year, we didn’t even know she had moved to Boston ! Friday night we went to the Aquarium to look at cute penguins. Then we went to see the Matrix on IMAX-all you Matrix fans out there, you haven’t really seen it till you’ve seen it on IMAX! It will blow you away.

Saturday night was definitely the highlight of our trip. Little did I know Chris had been planning this trip to Boston with me for a REASON (he is the sneakiest person in the world). Saturday afternoon he nonchalantly suggested, “Why don’t you and I go have dinner on the Wharf side tonight? We’ll take a taxi”. Naïve me, I had no clue anything was up his sleeve. When we rode the taxi and got close to the wharf, Chris started biting his nails, something he only does when he’s really nervous (hint, hint, like when we got engaged J ). I knew something was up then, but I had no idea the amazing surprise he had in store for me. When we got to the Wharf side there was a huge line of people outside of the Suffolk Downs arena. I looked up and saw in bold letters : Tonight: BJORK!! BJORK!! The singer I had dreamed of seeing for almost 10 years, but whom I NEVER thought I would be lucky enough to see. I screamed and jumped up and down like a little kid. I thought I was gonna pass out. The wait (which seemed like eternity before the show) was worth it. The first band to play was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a very LOUD punk bad. It was extremely hard to understand what they were singing (although I’m not sure if that was their point?) and the lead singer was definitely trying to mimic Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde (something no one should do! There is only one J.N!). We’ve listened to some of their music outside of the concert and we like them, they just don’t really put on too good of a live show (but anything that comes before Bjork is just secondary!). After, Bjork came on with a 10-piece orchestra, looking adorable in a black and neon sparkly gown and green feather headdress! Her Icelandic impish voice just cascaded over the entire arena and blew us to pieces. I can’t even accurately describe how amazing the concert was. Her voice is even more incredible and sensual live. Our personal favorites at the concert where Hyperballad, Joga, Hunter, Bachelorette, a beautiful song called “Desiring Constellations”, and an explosive finale of “Pluto” (just seeing Pluto live is worth the entire admission! Unbelievable).. It was definitely the best I have ever been to. The only thing better will of course be seeing Bjork as often as she comes out here (or we will chase her down, dammit!)

People watching at the concert was fun , too. You should look at the 2003 Boston concert photos at Our personal favorites where a girl who was wearing a silver bedsheet as a dress, cute candy striped apron girl, soundwave light up tee-shirt gal, and, to top it all, the 6 foot-something-tall man who was dressed entirely like a glittering swan. You go, glittery swan boy! I will never , NEVER forget this concert (nor the sneaky hubby who surprised me with that J )

Kathy 2003 on her way to Boston and Bjork concertBjork 2003

Bjork, Support: Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

2003-08-31 USA Boston Fleet Pavillion Own show. Support: Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


01. Hunter
02. Pagan poetry
03. Sídasta Ég
04. Jóga
05. Aurora
06. All is full of love
07. Desired constellation
08. Heirloom
09. 5 Years
10. An Echo, A Stain
11. You’ve Been Flirting Again (Icelandic)
12. Isobel
13. Bachelorette
14. Hyper-ballad
15. It’s In Our Hands (SPT mix)
16. Pluto

17. Generous palmstroke
18. Human behaviour

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