Nine Inch Nails, on our aniversery no less

writeup from kathy’s LJ
November 08, 2005 (on our wedding aniversery)

Head like a hole”….
This past Tuesday Chris and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary (I can’t believe it!). Since we’ve been cooped in the house with nothing but work and studying lately, we decided to be extra naughty and live on the edge and go to a nine inch nails concert in Boston that night (by some stroke of luck I did not have an exam scheduled for Wednesday!). I got out of class late so we missed the first performers and came in during the last half of the second opening act, Queens of the Stone Age. I’ve been a big fan of their album “Lullabies to Paralyze” and have to say they were quite good in concert! The lead singer was incredible on the guitar live, he was really getting into it, swinging his hips like a leather-pantsed drag queen. A couple of songs were drowned out by the loudness of the guitars, but overall it was pretty good and “Little Sister” was def. the highlight song. Most people didn’t seem overly excited because they were too excited to see NIN come on stage.

It was a pretty brief wait until TRENT came on stage and we all went insane!

Some of you might be thinking that Trent must be in a nursing home by now because NIN has been around forever. But let me tell you there was nothing old about him–he’s still got it in him, if not even more than before! He played all of the best of the best and had so much energy it was amazing. He was running around stage, kicking and screaming (and so was the lead guitarist, who was knocking over everything!). Trent’s voice never faltered once, and to hear his songs played live was even better than any of his albums. Everyone was singing along to “Closer”, “Terrible Lie”, “Hurt” and “Head like a Hole”. Not one person was sitting throughout the entire concert. He played a few new songs from his album “With Teeth”-“Only” and “The hand that feeds you” being definite highlights.

Chris and I were suprised at how close the seats we bought were. We were close enough to see facial features and sweat dripping off of everyone. (Note: Trent + sweat= HOT!). The weird thing was that the bottom arena were most concerts would have their so called “mosh pits” was full of seats. Trent kept apologizing about how he didn’t realize seats were there, and how stupid it was that a concert arena would put seats where they knew everyone would want to be dancing.

From time to time a see through screen would come down over the stage and there would be some light show or movie going while they were singing. There was an amazing video that Trent made up about Bush and images of war and greed that was very moving.

The cool thing about this concert is that Trent donated all of the proceeds from the ticket auction of the concert to charity. Cause he’s good like that. Overall it was one of the best concerts we’ve ever attended. (Second of course to Bjork!).

One hilarious thing about being there was there was this guy next to us who was probably over 200 pounds who was dancing like crazy! Everytime he danced he jiggled all over the place! But he was so into it we all thought he was the coolest!
We got home EXTREMELY late that night (3:30 am) and were EXHAUSTED the next day, but it was worth it.

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