MorningWood, Lashes, Rock Kills Kid, Big City Rock

writeup by kathy
June 24, 2006, Pearl Street, MA

Chris and I have some exciting concerts planned this summer, for some reason we decided we wanted to “live it up” a little. We went and saw Morningwood at Pearl Street a few weeks back and it was a killer concert! Chantal (lead singer) had so much energy and was just insane! She was very naughty but in a fun way. She brought a whole bunch of props on stage, which included:
a beach towel with a horse on it
a red cape (James Brown style)
a sailor hat and moustache (which she would interchange to put on the drummer, the bassist and the guitarist throughout the night)
a hobbyhorse

Leave it to the imagination the things she did with them!
She also had some of the audience do a dance contest on stage to “Whoomp there it is”
During one song, she asked a guy from the audience to give her a piggyback ride around the room.
She would slap the guitarist randomly on the butt. She also licked the microphone quite a lot.
During another song, she grabbed a guys hands from the audience and started caressing them on her body and putting them in her mouth. His friend had a camera phone and she snatched it from him for a second, took some close-up naughty pics, and gave it back to him.
During “Nth Degree” she made everyone get down on the floor and then jump up during the end of the song.
The naughtiest thing she did was during a song called “take off your clothes”. She had a girl from up front get on the stage and well…she lived out the song.
I couldn’t believe how crazy the concert was. But it was definitely the most interesting one I’ve ever been to!

3 bands opened for them:
Big City Rock (which looked like a bunch of high school kids, but they were cute)
The Lashes (their music might not be the most exciting, but they have the most laid-back, nicest attitude and a good stage presence. They had a little kid come up on stage and jam it out with them, and you could tell this kid was having a blast! They also walked off stage after the end of their set and came and stood around with everyone else, talking to them and watching the other bands)
Rock Kills Kid (they had a crappy attitude. It took them 45 minutes to start, 20 of which we watched the lead singer drag on a cigarette like he was a god, and we waited for him to finish). They complained that the lighting was in their eyes and the sound sucked. We didn’t care for them too much.

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