Fiona Apple, Damien Rice, David Garza

writeup by kathy
June 21, 2006, Boston Pavillion, MA

This weekend Chris and I had the pleasure of going to Boston to see Fiona Apple perform at the Bank of America Pavilion.
There were only 2 bad things about the night:

It rained like hell during part of the concert and the opening singer (David Garza) only played 1/2 a song before he got whisked off stage and they had to delay the rest of the concert until the lightning stopped.

We were procrasinators who got tickets at the last minute, so we ended up WAY back in the nosebleed section where we were uncovered by the pavillion tarp–so you guessed it–we were stuck in the rain.

Thankfully, things DID clear up and the rest of the concert was able to continue while we dried off.

Opening after the poor first act was Damien Rice. Only one word aptly sums his performance–AMAZING. He sang perfectly and with so much emotion, and his backup singer, Lisa Hannigan, has an incredibly, sultry, gorgeous voice. They sounded even better live than on the album. Blew us away! Check out Lisa Hannigan on this site :
And check out Damien Rice here :

Next came Fiona. If anyone has recently heard of her comeback and was afraid that she might have gone semi-soft with her new jazz-infused sound–fear not–the old Fiona is still there and with a vengeance! She pounded away at the piano with as much vengeance as ever, and still had just as much angst–although this could be called “late-twenties angst” versus “teen angst”. She was as crazy as can be, jumping up and down and acting like she was about to have convulsions. She would bang her chest and hit herself on the head with her microphone, start crawling around on the ground, and doing strange backflip-like movements on the stage.She would scream out randomly like Janis Joplin–but with more of a James Brown “hit me!” vibe.
Ahh, Fiona just wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t have that crazy still in her.

It was a good show.
We were wet, but we got to drink good beer. And we got to watch planes and ships take off by the wharf.
We had gelato and pretzels for dinner. It was a happy day 🙂

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