Neko Case is a JERK

Yes she is a good singer but a total jerk. Monte Belmonte, from 97.3 the river who brought her to be a Puesdo headliner for the Green River Fest, introduced her when she came on stage and plays her music all the time was wronged by Neko Case.

She wouldn’t answer just the one questions (he waited for an hour was snubbed several times) and then he got a string of swears issued his way and threats from the guitarist, fairly crappy to do when he is from the station that brought you to town and helped your family to get backstage when they did not have their passes on them. You might be able to catch what transpired on a podcast from this morning.

An event like this makes me wonder, as several people who called in too said, that she is a drunk, maybe she is aiming to be the next Amy Winehouse .

Update: I heard from Monte Belmonte,

“She could’ve at least taken :30 for us all. It’s weird when people won’t come of their high horse especially when their horse isn’t all that high.”

One thought on “Neko Case is a JERK

  1. How did you find this all out? Also it’s 93.9 The River (but for me 97.3) and Winehouse (really, I just checked). When did they ask her questions? During the stage performance set? On the air? This is crappy news, makes me sad. but her music is awesome. And maybe the radio guy was being a jerk?!? Give us the skinny!!!

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