Can’t believe it.

I’ve been googling Neko Case on the internet and searching on YouTube for any hints that she might have given people attitude in the past, and all I can see is her being generally good natured and laughing and chatting with the audience. I can’t believe she gave Monty such a hard time, I’m always sad to hear when someone I like cops a major ‘tude. As much as I can’t excuse her behavior, however, I can’t stop loving that old-soul alt country sound. And she was a great live performer, so yeah, I’d probably go see her again–I just wouldn’t bother to hang out backstage. I hope this doesn’t make me a bad person! Why Neko, why?

One thought on “Can’t believe it.

  1. It is sad that such could be the case, but just remember that performers and people who live in the limelight live under much different pressures than we do. Consider the fact that with only one episode (related under one sided circumstances) you have bent your attention to scour the net to find confirmation. Living under that kind of scrutiny would certainly leave me feeling defensive, aggressive, and generally out of sorts. Add to that a hangover and it’s not so mysterious. Plus we have no idea how that D.J. treated her at the person-to-person level. Even though he did things that may seem nice on the surface, who knows if he crossed some line with her, or (unlike his radio personality) was just generally a pratt. I sure don’t know. We all have bad days, we all even do stupid things that we regret, even though they may have seemed like the right thing to do at the time. All I’m saying is that we barely know just the one side of the story that we know. I’d say she’s worth a second chance before we damn her for acting idiotic (if we even think that was the case). rant over.

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