Yahoo Music, how I love thee

Kathy has been using yahoo music for over a year and has really enjoyed being able to listen to library of a couple million tracks for a couple bucks a month. Only problem has been we have to have one of the computers up and running in order to use it.

So we have been looking into getting an MP3 player and upgrading to yahoo unlimited (lets you take the tracks with you) and when we I read reviews about the sansa express, well we just just had to try it out. Ahhh it is so nice now to be able to take the music with us on the player and listen to it in anywhere. We are both completely addicted to our players and it is SOO sweet to access all these songs and then take them with you. Renting music is a little odd I must admit but is yahoo music can be installed on multiple computers so we both can use it for the price of a latte a month.

Ok enough for my little pseudo review, we are just very excited to be able to access so much music, it is like having a great pie of key lime pie in the summer.

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