4 new things I’m digging right now

http://www.Etsy.com–a huge portal where people hawk their homemade artwork! (Leah should do this!).

Blonde Redhead’s new album, “23”–I’ve just fallen in love with this group, but I’m learning that they’ve been around for a while. A Japanese art student meets Italian twin brothers and forms a band–the rest is magic. They are like the Lush of the new millenium. Check out their myspace page and listen to the title track, it’s fantastic: http://www.myspace.com/blonderedhead

The BBC show, “Coupling”. Thanks to Netflix new “watch it now” feature, we’ve been able to watch this show that our friend Bruno has been raving about. It’s like the naughtier version of Friends, and even funnier.

Yoko Ono, “Yes, I’m a Witch”. I take back anything bad I ever though about Yoko Ono. Sure, she’s a wee bit out there and some of her older “Plastic Ono” stuff is a little TOO avante-garde for my taste, but that’s just Yoko. She is a real artist, and she’s been recently growing on me. I just discovered this new album of hers in which she collaborates new versions of her songs with other artists–she is still featured in all of the songs. Hearing her sing “Revelations” with Cat Power and “Kiss Kiss” with Peaches makes it worth listening to the entire album.


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