Better than closer to fine

On Friday we went to Lowell, Mass for their summer music festival. They have bands almost every week and sometimes more than two a week and it is just nice.

We went to see the Indigo Girls with Melissa Ferrick as an opener.

We arrived at Lowell a few hours before the concert was to start and it was crazy busy. Last year when we went to see Dar Williams we had to problem setting up our blanket then going and heading out to town. Not so with the Indigo girls. The place apparently opened at 8am for a bit then they closed the gates till 6pm and there was a lot of people there, always a good sign of things to come.

We decided to go to a cute little cafe for a snack while we waited for the gates to open again. During this time Kathy pounded me at Scrabble even when she gave me points for all these made up words I spelled. After a nice banana-and-nutella crepe, we decided to head back.

So we headed back to drop our blanket down, and went to grab a drink before the concert started. I had a dirty martini and Kathy had a frozen blueberry martini. They were so-so.

There was definitely an aura of general amicability in the air when we sat down on our blankets. Everyone was there to have a good time, no matter what their background may be.

I do have to say that Indigo Girls concerts tend to attract a unique crowd of people; this isn’t just your regular old apple-pie folk concert. People from all walks of life: young and old, punk and proper, gay and straight. The Indigo Girls tell stories with their music that attract all who have lived some part of what they sing.

Melissa Ferrick opened for them and did a stellar job. She made the crowd laugh with her random jokes and jams in between sets. She did a real funny version of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Give it Away now”.

Last year the Indigo Girls had to cut their concert short because of thunderstorms. There was no alternative arena set up, and when there’s an outdoor concert, wires + lightning= bad news. So they were only able to play a short set.

This year hopes were high as most of the day was clear and there wasn’t a drop in sight. Well, as luck would have it, the Indigo Girls no sooner than commented on what a lovely night it was then a few raindrops fell after their second song. Everyone looked at each other like “Oh,no, not again!”, but they continued on, and luckily Mother Nature was kind enough to let them finish their set without any more rain.

And what a set it was. The two are impeccable live. They sang all of their hits and a few beautiful gems from their new album. They had that “southern hospitality thang” going on with alot of “thanks, ya’ll” in between songs. They played well over an hour and a half and sang several songs for their encore. Perhaps it was the warm, inviting summer air and the all around good vibes from everyone there, but the music just reached into our souls and spread goodness all around. When “the girls” began to strum the first chords of “Closer to Fine” everyone just stood up and cheered…

What do we have to say about the night? It was “Closer to Fine”; in fact, even better than closer to fine.

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